Pics of my MSH2(Test Fit Visor)

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Got to test fit my visor and I dont think it looks to bad. This really added to the look of the helmet and makes me want to finish it that much more.


Printed out the kill stipes again, traced them onto a piece of wide blue masking tape, cut them out and went to town with the airbrush. Looks alot better now. Will have more pics soon!


Finally got a digicam and am proud to present to you my MSH2 that I have been workin on for quite a while now. I am takin my time and getting a close look at all the reference I can get ahold of. I know the mandible on the right side of the pics is messed up and plan to fix it. Any criticism is welcome. (These are Lee's colors)

Here is an outside pic to show the color beter.
I just hope that when I finally get around to painting my helmet (which I'm saving for last) that mine looks anywhere near the quality that i've seen here from everyone that's posted their progress and finished helmets.

Great job so far, keep it up!
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Looks sweet so far.
I feel terrible criticizing, especially because I haven't even begun to paint my helmet. However, do the kill marks seem too small or is it just me?
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Any word from FettPride lately? I've PM'd him and emailed him but haven't gotten a reply. I don't have time to check this site on a regular basis, so I may have missed an update. I was on his list for one of these awesome helmets, so I am interested if y'all have heard from him. - Thanks!

By the way, your helmet looks very cool!
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Great paint job, colors match perfect....
I do have to agree with Bantha....kill marks could be a little bigger..
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Hey realy nice job on the helmet, hope mine will be in that nice quality too.


Realy nice Job!!!

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Hey geo I got them from under the boba section. Scroll down the page and you will see a section about the kill marks. Then just save the pic of the rotj stipes and print them out.
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