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Hi Seeker,
I am interested in one of your Jango Fett Jetpack harnesses. Please let me know next steps when you have a chance.
Hi Scott! Hopefully you remember me as we briefly got acquainted two weeks ago at SW Celebration in Chicago, when I had my two boys with me. This message has to be short, so I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction of any vendor who may still be selling the official Chicago Celebration t-shirts that featured the Mandalorian Badge Art? Thanks!
Scott Kaufmann
Scott Kaufmann
I'm with you there, so far I have only seen them on ebay for crazy prices. The best I could advise is too keep an eye out for any emails from ReedPop or social media announcements. I know that a month or so after Celebration 2017 they released a lot of the con exclusive merch on the website. Although I think that they only reprinted a few of the shirts. Hopefully they will do that again.
Hey there. I was at celebration and saw a Jango Fett vest you made for a friend of mine. Are you still making these for members