NEW!! Fettpride Bucket aka "FPH" !!


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Well after many weeks of planning.....the moment is finally here.(y)

A few of you know that FettPride has been planning to redo his most famous bucket for some time now, the hard to get MSH2..(y)

Well after Evan4218, Darthmiller, and myself attended C4, where we were all able to finally see the AOSW ESB Fett exhibit in person (Dream come true for me:cry), we knew from that moment that we had to get FP moving on modifications on his MSH2....
As Beautiful, and now Classic, as the MSH2 helmet is, those that have seen the real deal know that it's still not quite right....but still the best fan made bucket around, in my mind(y) .......TILL NOW that is.;)

Chris (FP) initially just wanted our input on his most recent version of his FP V.2 know "how close did he get" and "where could he make corrections" etc..
Well over the course of those weeks, before you know it FP was considering a new run of a Version 3 armor......from there that turned into discussions of a potential new Bucket..:eek:

Well seeing as how Justin (evan4218 ), Jason (Darthmiller) and myself were all able to get some pretty unique high res pics of he AOSW Fett at C4, it was only a matter of time that we would have our hands deep into this helmet project aswell with Fettpride. (and thanks for letting us bro ;))

I would like to mention...WE just advised, consulted, call it what you will, with FettPride on this project...but FP is the true master of this project.(y)...
Later on I will be posting build up pics of the project to show how talented Fettpride really is...(y)
With those build up pics you will see that this new bucket will no longer have any real lineage to it's predecessor the MSH2, or the MSH1 before that....but still two of the best fan-made helmets for their time.(y)

We will also be posting comparison shots (later) next to a MSH1, MSH2, TF helmet, and a Srg Fang(MS1) to help give you a clearer picture on the size of this new helmet....unfortunatly we did not have a BM helmet during this photo-shoot.:facepalm

Some maybe wondering why I have the helmet now and FP isn't starting his own thread??.......Well as most know you tend to become like family on these boards, and Chirs is moving across country this week and unfortunatly he just didn't have the time to post anything about this latest project......So I guess you could say "We're just helping a brotha' out"..:lol:
either way the three of us just wanted to see this thing up close, so trust me WE DIDN'T MIND Hyping it up for him!!:lol: (like little kids in a candy store when we first saw it :eek:..)

There are a few things you should know about this set of pics...
First, this is merely in the PROTO-TYPE stage...and some pin holes and other refinements and adjustments are still needed...making this truely a 100% fan-made helmet.

And those that take pictures know that camera angles and lighting can change the perception of the helmet......So in addtion to the pics Evan4218 will be providing a 360' degree view..again to help give you an over all view of size and shape...(y)

Due to time constraints FP was not able to finish the right RF ear base and ear with permission from Rogue Studios for this photo-shoot only, the pics include only the top portion of the RS ears.....the lower right ear and left ear are 100% Fettpride and are over all longer and wider in some me I checked.;)
**I think it also goes to show that if you have a set of the RS ears, you'll be able to use them on this bucket, with some minor adjusting of course.;)
For example: the lower ear sections of the helmet will have to be trimmed 1/16th of an inch in order for your RS ears to fit.

Would also like to give a special thanks to Mandalorfett...his C4 Fett video played a big part in this whole process...thanks JIM!!(y)

Okay okay..enough of me typing, ON WITH THE PICS!!!(y)(y)(y)







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I first want to say Thanks to Fettpride for letting myself, Spidey and Evan4218 give our input during this project. It was truly a honor to contribute to this project and give my two cents along the way.

I must say that this helmet is another example of just how much talent and skill Fettpride has been blessed with!!

Now on to my opinion on this bucket....all I can say is WOW...It is truly amazing

I have a MSH1, MSH2 and I have owned a MS and had the chance to see almost every other bucket produced by artists on these boards.

Ladies and Gents this new FP bucket is the BEST bucket FP has put out to date.

After spending almost 5 hours looking at the real ESB fett helmet at C4 and seeing this new FP helmet I truly feel this bucket is the closest to the original thing I have ever seen.

The thing that is very interesting about this helmet is the size of it. As most of you know the MSH2 is larger than most buckets. This new FPH bucket is larger than the SG fang and it is a little smaller than the MSH2. The size just seems perfect and
Lees ear cap fits it perfectly!!

I will take measurements of the bucket at a later date and provide them if any of you want them.
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Wooooooooooooow. . . :eek:
I just have 2 questions:

1) When can I get one?

2) When can I get one?

Absolutely superb looking helmet. Tremendous work!
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I dont want to speak for FP but I know he is working hard on this project.

I am sure he will post once he is ready to answer those questions!!:):)

Wooooooooooooow. . . :eek:
I just have 2 questions:

1) When can I get one?

2) When can I get one?

Absolutely superb looking helmet. Tremendous work!
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Thanks for all the great work on doing this! I can't wait to see this baby in person ;) , in all it's glory!



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WOAH, MOMMA!!! That's what I've been waiting for to put some ROTJ paint on!

Man, Evan! That 360 shot reminds me of a Smashing Pumpkins video!
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I dont think I ever asked FP when I baught it but that looks real similar to the ROTJ I baught off him a while back....Webchiefs comment about the flat back made me go look and mine also has a flat back to it...I could be wrong though.:confused

That helmet is just way too cool..hats off to ya FP!!