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Welcome to Neo Fett!
I've got an assortment of armor, gauntlets, greebles, electronics, and painting services.

Neo Fett Gauntlets - $325
ABS .060" Vac formed shells, resin casted greebles, real switches, resin printed flamethrower by 7CS Props with aluminum rods, and ROTJ fiberglass left gauntlet top. Featuring lasers by Elstree Precision!


[Available Here] [Learn More] [Read my more in-depth forum post]

FettPride Hero Armor - $315
ABS .060" Vacuum formed, resin casted darts, resin casted collar studs from the Royal 242D calculator. Comes with elastic bands for knees & cod.

NeoFett_ESB.jpg NeoFett_ROTJ.jpg
New ab plate as of January 2022

[Available Here]

Casio Keyboard - $10
Casio Circuit Board - $7
Unimax Safety Switches - $20
Revell V-8 Connecting Rod - $13
EE-3 (The Mandalorian/BofBF) Greebles - $40
*colors may vary


Servo Kit - $200+
This kit comes with two circuit boards with a button attached to one and a servo to the other. The boards communicate with each other via a small 2.4ghz chip. When the button is pressed the servo turns 90 degrees up or down depending on the current state.

The helmet part is powered by 4x AA batteries. The gauntlet part is powered by 3x AAA batteries.

This kit will require some engineering to fit into your helmet. I will supply you with enough materials that it should be easier, but don’t expect a plug and play experience. Light kits will require soldering and running the wires.

Included in the kit:
  • Low profile servo
  • 1x button of your choice
  • Transmitter module assembled on a custom circuit board housed in heat shrink
  • Receiver module assembled on a custom circuit board housed in a 3d printed box
  • Servo shaft extender
  • Servo mount
  • 4x wires with connectors (light kit only)
  • 2x red LEDs (light kit only)
  • 1x white LED (light kit only)
  • LED circuit board (light kit only)
  • 1x white LED wired to gauntlet (ROTJ gauntlet only, optional with light kit - contact me)

[Available Here]

Painting Services
I can paint pretty much anything except the ESB/SE helmet (don't feel comfortable with my skills yet on that one). Here are some examples, you can view more and more up to date stuff on my website portfolio. DM for more information.

Boba-Fett-ROTJ-Promo-Hero-Jetpack_01.JPG IMG_0692.JPG Boba-Fett_ESB_Jetpack_01.jpg IMG_1263.jpg
Boba-Fett_ESB_Armor_10.jpg Boba-Fett_ESB_Armor_05.jpg Boba-Fett-ROTJ-Armor-by-Neo-Fett-4.JPG Boba-Fett-ROTJ-Armor-by-Neo-Fett-1.JPG

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Figured at this point it would be best to merge all my ongoing sale threads into one.

For documentation sake here are the old threads: