Hasbro BS Helmet Facelift and Paint Up


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I sprayed the paint through airbrush over my brush strokes I did yesterday. Here is that color again indoors. Looks kinda grey. Outside looks more blue. In other light it looks green. Hard to judge with iPhone photos.


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This is the color I’m going with. Thanks to superjedi for help in deciding. In keeping with the house paint experiment, I color matched the rlm 73. Doesn’t look like what I expected. Perhaps my paint matching technique doesn’t work, but we’ll see how it looks when it’s down with the other colors. :unsure:

See you on the other side.


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Haven’t updated lately, but I have been busy on this project. Here is where I am currently.

View attachment 196587
Still have a lot of touch up and detail work to do.
The lighting/iPhone camera makes the green look brighter than it actually is.
Yeah. Can definitely account for lighting making a huge difference how things look.
It will tone down properly when final weathering is applied too.
Looking good so far!


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I've been playing around in Photoshop with layering swatches and their opacity over each other, and came up with this for ESB green.
It's a combo of Rustoleum Rich Jade Green, Spruce Green and Flat White, with varying opacities and layer placements until it got somewhere close.
Here it is.


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Here are the pieces I plan on adding:

Right ear parts. I already painted them up while waiting on other parts to come in. I wish I would have taken a picture before paint. These were some clean casts by ToEleven (thanks Jay)

View attachment 191668
Jay also made me a MQ-1 resin cast and an aluminum borden.
View attachment 191669
I also cut a visor I ordered to the funky shape needed to fit.
View attachment 191670
Thanks again to ToEleven for supplying me with my random parts requests. He also makes damn good helmet casts. (y)

That’s all for now.
Hey, Im glad I found this post again. Is this new visor black or dark green? I can't find any black replacment visors online.