Mythos X ROTJ Boba Paint-up


New Hunter
Hey everyone! First time posting on the forums, just wanted to share a custom OT Boba helmet I recently painted!

This is a Mythos paint job, heavily inspired by the Sideshow Mythos 1/6 scale figure, on a MinuteFett ROTJ casting. I stuck pretty close to the source material of the 1/6 scale helmet, but added more details to make it look more realistic at this scale. In doing so, I ended up adding a grey under layer and some extra chipping pattens/scratches to match the physical damage on the ROTJ sculpt.

The paint job is mostly layered, with a pass of topical scratches and chips added toward the end. The colors are all custom mixed Createx acrylics, some of which are actually mixes that I use for the modern Boba helmets (MS2/BOBF). The weathering was a mix of classic washes and shading, with some splatter added in to match the look of the 1/6 paint job. The ear pieces are raw aluminum with only the splatter weathering applied, I really wanted to do something with the ears that set them apart from traditional ROTJ Boba ears and I'm quite happy with the result.

The range finder has working LEDs activated by a microswitch in the ear cap. The LED module is from Jupiter Electronics and is housed in a custom 3D modeled and printed range finder, built to fit the module. The inside of the helmet also got one of my standard loop fabric liners and a visor brace, a bit different from classic OT Boba interiors.

Hope you all dig it!

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