1. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultra Stencils

    Five months in the making and now I can call these done. Let me know if you see some errors or misplaced scratches. There are color variations on most areas, mostly because one of the main colors was painted over an existing color (some of these are touch-ups to hide or tone down the silver...
  2. JGattonII

    Blaster Assistance Requested: EE-3 / MPP Flash "Mystery Holes" Alignment

    Hi All! While trying to wrap-up a few odds and ends for my EE-3 build, I realized that I had not yet dilled the "mystery holes" into the end of my MPP and so I began researching their precise placement. Disclaimer: I must first admit that I'm not very educated in - and/or experienced with -...
  3. Frogfreak

    Custom 3d printed Boba Fett helmet

    Hey guys. Been a while since i've been on here. but i'm about to start on a new project that i think you guys will like. i just recently Bought a 3d printer, and i've been working on a custom Boba Fett helmet. (Extremely loosely based from Rafalfett's Boba fett 3d model, not much remains of the...
  4. Bob A Feet

    Jet Pack Pantone Blue Incorrect? Spray Paint for ROTJ Jetpack?

    Hi everyone! TL;DR: is the blue on my jetpack too dark? Does the Pantone reference seem correct? Is there a Rust-Oleum spray paint that'll work better? Now that I'm looking at Halloween 2022 to unveil my ROTJ Boba costume (hopefully some kind of "con" before then), I'm thinking about redoing...
  5. Theboba

    Boba Fett RE-ARMORED BUILD 3d printed *updated*

    Hi everyone im starting my repaint build and i wanna say thank you all for the great posts. They have been fantastic help. I have multiple 3d printers im using to make this suit and ill be painting it myself. Heres what i got so far These hand plates i printed out of tpu so they are flexable...
  6. Theboba

    Hi everyone newbie from cali

    Hi everyone! Im ernie from Cali. Ima prop maker and cosplayer. Ive made different costumes in the past like predator, wolverine, vader and now im excited to start a boba costume. I got into 3d printing at the start of 2020 so ill have those printers to help me build. I absolutely love star...
  7. Bob A Feet

    *Very* Quick Jetpack Question - Tube Diameter

    Hey everyone, I've been gathering materials and managed to get some cardboard tubes for my (eventual) jetpack build. Looking at the designs on Thingiverse by stormtrooperguy, it seems like the side tubes are 3" diameter and the middle one is 4", correct? I picked up 12 tubes total: 4x3"...
  8. SeaMarshall

    Sea_Marshall: Re-armored Boba Fett / Boba Fresh fan build

    Greetings TDH community. I was approached in Dec of 2020 and asked if I'd build the latest Boba Fett variant, "Boba Fresh", with his poppin' colors. For eye candy, here is the kit in it's present state: With very few references to follow besides what's on screen, I've decided to base the...
  9. Bob A Feet

    Hasbro EE-3 Painting - "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray Paint?

    Hey everyone, Getting ready to repaint my Hasbro EE-3. Just want something Halloween quality, but the stock green and orange paint scheme has to go. I was thinking of using a metallic black paint followed by some brushed on silver accents (then maybe a matte or semi-gloss coating?) but then I...
  10. F

    The Mandalorian S2E1 Boba Fett Chest Light Sequence

    After watching The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1, I wanted to created the sequence of the Boba Fett chest armor sequence, so I watched the episode several times and tried to capture all of the pieces of the sequence shown throughout the episode. I was happy to see that a lot of the sequence had...
  11. Jedinate10

    JediNate10’s Official ESB Boba Fett Build Thread

    Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. But I’m happy to say that I’ve begun my new ESB Boba Fett build! I’ve been planning this one out in my head for years and years, and I’m super excited to get it going finally. Last time I suited up as Boba was 2014, which was also the last...
  12. Mugatu

    Jet Pack Only a Fett Fan would notice

    I saw this pic and thought it was hilarious... It’s some sort of hydraulic jack. AND a jetpack frame... albeit a very heavy one.
  13. bh19812

    My Rick Massa Shadowfax ROTJ Armor Build Thread

    Fellow NER Brother and approved ROTJ Boba Fett Rick Massa from NJ passed away in 2016. I was fortunate enough to win the auction for his armor so that we could keep it trooping in the Garrison in his honor with the money going to his long time girlfriend who sadly has stage 4 cancer. This is the...
  14. SeaMarshall

    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Greetings TDH Community. I've decided to put together an ESB Fett and have collected a number of items over several months and plan to knock out a lot of the build in what little free time that I have. I have already begun, but the progress has been slow. I aim to pick up the pace and hopefully...