1. Bob A Feet

    Tweaks to ROTJ Fett After 1st Time Wearing - Flightsuit Lining, Knee Armor, Cape, Etc.

    Hi everyone! As I mentioned in the 1st post of my "build" thread, I wore my completed ROTJ costume to a convention this past weekend! This was my 1st real "trooping" experience (wearing the costume for ~12 hours while walking around a lot) so I have some things I'd like to improve upon, and...
  2. Bob A Feet

    Attaching Hoses to Gauntlets, with Magnets?

    Hey everyone, I've been toying with the idea of using magnets to attach the 3 hoses to the ROTJ gauntlets. Currently the hoses just slip onto the wooden dowels: My problem is that bottom hose is just epoxied on, and I'd like something with a little more "give" in case of an accidental tug...
  3. roger12RAMJET

    For Sale Bobamaker ROTJ Gauntlets - SOLD

    I have for sale a set of Bobamaker ROTJ Gauntlets painted with Archive-X enamels. Photos taken in natural light. Painted to look like the skiff scene version of the gauntlets so the right gauntlet has the Alco Switches present. I can supply the hoses, but it’s easier to pack without them...
  4. Bob A Feet

    Spray Paint for ROTJ Green Armor (Rust-Oleum Preferred)

    Hi everyone, I'll continue searching around on here and other places online, but can anyone recommend a spray paint (Rust-Oleum preferred) for the main armor green color? I'm going to paint the 3 chest pieces, center diamond, and collar plate for sure. Might do the cod / kidney and back plate...
  5. NerdWithASuit

    What were the original Boba Fett gauntlet rockets made of?

    So, this one is something I am interested in making what I view as a canon ESB to RotJ Boba Fett costume where he still has his holster and blaster from ESB, but he recently got his armor repainted and some of his stuff modded ala the new gauntlets and recolors in RotJ. So for that I must ask...
  6. jonmcclay

    Flight Suit I’m looking for ROTJ flight suit weathering reference photos

    Any suggestions where I can find good reference photos for weathering a Return of the Jedi flight suit? This link has a reference to a photo album…which goes nowhere.
  7. Bob A Feet

    Jet Pack Pantone Blue Incorrect? Spray Paint for ROTJ Jetpack?

    Hi everyone! TL;DR: is the blue on my jetpack too dark? Does the Pantone reference seem correct? Is there a Rust-Oleum spray paint that'll work better? Now that I'm looking at Halloween 2022 to unveil my ROTJ Boba costume (hopefully some kind of "con" before then), I'm thinking about redoing...
  8. PinkFlamingos6

    Pinkflamingos6 ROTJ Build

    Hey all, wanted to post some progress on my ROTJ blaster that I'm working on while I wait for some hard parts to get in. Initially I was going to 3D print an EE-3 using AprilStorm's files on out of PLA but then after many hours of printing I glued the barrel piece on backwards...
  9. TantivOdessa

    Rotj Armor Color.

    Hello, This post is directed at members who have seen the armor in person and can chime in to what color the armor appears as to the naked eye. I do understand that the armor color will change between different cameras and computer monitors. I am trying to find the most...
  10. Bob A Feet

    ROTJ Gauntlet Hose and Connector Sizes

    Hey everyone! So I've been slowly 3D printing pieces for my Boba costume and am currently on the gauntlets. Unfortunately, I've realized I don't have "proper" models for the right gauntlet hose connectors. I just so happened to find a McMaster-Carr catalog at my work yesterday, and noticed...
  11. DarthWesker

    Girth Belt New girth belt dye method maybe

    hello there dented helmet. So I tried a new method on dying my synthetic girth belt. I wanted to be cheap and I was hesitant to buy wood stain but one day I went out to buy it cuz I had no choice. So I walk up to the paint guy at lowes and he had no idea what I was talking about haha, but he...
  12. FettCompare.jpg


    Comparison with production photo that inspired my ROTJ pose
  13. ROTJ_newPose2 small.jpeg

    ROTJ_newPose2 small.jpeg

    ROTJ build photo shoot
  14. ROTJ_newPose1 small.jpeg

    ROTJ_newPose1 small.jpeg

    ROTJ build photo shoot
  15. Castiel

    ROTJ Hero paints (germany / europe)

    Hey there, I've got my first Bucket from minutefett. It's a ROTJ Hero Cast, and I've never painted something like that ever before. Now I've tried to gather all the information I need, but honestly it's quite hard for me. It seems like the ROTJ hero helmet is quite unpopular, so I wasn't able...
  16. FamousFett

    ROTJ (ANH SE) Helmet Paint Up By FamousFett

    Just finished up the ROTJ SE but now I'm back in the saddle to try out my first ROTJ paint up! This is a ROTJ helmet made by Minutefett
  17. Han shot first

    Gauntlets colours ROTJ?

    Greetings from Jersey (old Jersey, not new Jersey!). My new gauntlets have arrived from Boba Maker (stunning, so much better than my old ones). I am hoping someone has some info on the RAL colours/codes that I need to finish them off? Any help will be greatfully recieved gentlemen. Cheers, Mick.
  18. st20390

    Looking For Jetpack Metal Collar (solved) :D

    working on Boba Fett ROTJ and trying to find Metal Jetpack collar. i have everything other metal part on order just need last piece. I've tried Dark-Side and Machinecraft replicas neither have responded in 2 weeks. thanks
  19. mjwierzb

    ROTJ Build

    Hey everyone! I’ve been working on a ROTJ build for Boba and had a couple questions I’m hoping I can have answered ! This is my first thread :) 1.) I purchased the ROTJ Man of War gauntlets and couldn’t seem to find a thread that had a step by step process of assembling them. Is there a thread...
  20. Mrpanic241

    Weathering advice (too much or too little?)

    Hey Dented helmet, I finally started weathering my ROTJ armor and I am not sure if I have gone too overboard or if it needs more. I've read that once you think its too much, its probably done. That being said, advice is appreciated. The posted pictures are of the armor with black and gray...
  21. bh19812

    My Rick Massa Shadowfax ROTJ Armor Build Thread

    Fellow NER Brother and approved ROTJ Boba Fett Rick Massa from NJ passed away in 2016. I was fortunate enough to win the auction for his armor so that we could keep it trooping in the Garrison in his honor with the money going to his long time girlfriend who sadly has stage 4 cancer. This is the...
  22. Swiftcloud

    ROTJ Details

    So for the ROTJ (not SE) Fett: Boots have black stripe or no stripe? I’m getting ready to weather them but I can’t seem to find the answer. Some photos seem to show a stripe and others don’t. I don’t want to paint it in only to find out that it’s incorrect. can anyone answer this?
  23. chris2fett

    Best rattlecan for ROTJ Fett chest/back armor? AND blaster scope question

    As the title says: any recommendations for "close enough" spray can color(s) for the abdominal and backplate ROTJ Fett armor? What I have now is a little too light of a shade. ALONG THOSE LINES: is there a relatively inexpensive "close enough" ROTJ EE3 scope or replica? The ones I see for...
  24. Swiftcloud

    My ROTJ Boba Fett build

    Just prior to approval: Hello! I am a newbie here, and have been building Boba Fett ROTJ version. Started out just intending to build it for Halloween/comicon use. But turned into a persuit to get an approvable outfit. Here is a link to my build process story with plenty of pics. Let me know...
  25. videoflixx

    My first Boba Fett ROTJ Helmet

    Hi there, the last view month TDH was a big source and Inspiration for my first airbrush paint up of a Boba Fett ROTJ helmet. Of course I use RafalFett's Stencils and Templates from here! A big thank you to him for his fantastic work! By chance I got a raw cast of a resin BF helmet. During...