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Running QC on production samples. Every labeled dimension of every drawing every part gets checked with the best tool for the job.

We utilize a color coding system to keep a record of the method of measurement, and in some cases we validate measurements with multiple tools.

Many measurements simply cannot be taken accurately with conventional hand tools or even 3D scans. This is why we invested in an Optical Comparator to ensure all the time and effort we put into every detail of our designs actually make it into the final product.

Hi all,

It's been a little while so I wanted to pop in here and provide a couple public updates.

1) Ears Production Status

Production is well underway and I have seen the raw machined ears. They look absolutely fantastic, but I want to see what the shop can do with giving them a very fine brushing. I think we should have something we can show in the next week or so.

2) Custom Hardware

Our original hardware supplier wasn't able to come through with the quality that we were expecting, and wasn't able to capture the look of the vintage hardware. We have since found a new shop to use for the hardware who was able to make custom thread die molds for us so that the hardware has characteristics of the original hardware that you can't capture otherwise. We received some samples with threads formed from those dies and are extremely happy with how they've come out. As long as they are able to do the finish work we need on a couple pieces, I am feeling very confident about the final product for the included hardware. Photos attached below of a few of the sizes we had run. These will constitute the Upper-Right Inner Ear mounting screws and the Microswitch screws.


Production of the Ears is wrapping up soon and we just approved the latest iteration of the packaging foam. Inserts are intentionally pretty tight to ensure that the parts can't slip out of place during shipping. The finish line is right around the corner!

Questions/feedback welcomed,

Added an Interest List in Post #2 for those who would like a set, provided that we have any extras. If you wanted a set but did not pre-order them and don't see your username in that list, post below and we will add you to the list. While this is not a sales thread, I want to keep an organized list somewhere, and this thread makes the most sense to do it in right now.


While we're waiting for production to wrap up, I wanted to do something nice to put a bow on these kits.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that we changed the foam packaging. We had a little extra space on the bottom layer where the Left and Lower-Right Ears will be placed, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to move the hardware fixings there for presentation purposes. That left us with a void in the middle layer that I thought would be cool to fill with something a little commemorative. Here's what we came up with:


We might change a detail or two ever so slightly, but this is largely the final design. Every kit will come with a coin displaying the serial number of your Metal Ears. This is the first time we've done anything like this, so I'm anxious to see how they turn out!

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Machined Ears

The Left and Right-Lower Ears have had finish work completed on them and are packed up for the trip to us. The Right-Upper Ear assemblies should be ready within the next 1-2 days. Once those are ready, they will be shipped to us, and we'll do some QC and start prepping them for shipping to their final destinations.

MC034S103023_1.jpg MC034S103023_2.jpg MC034S103023_3.jpg

The custom hardware is also nearing completion. We are still waiting to see a couple of the smaller screws for the Rangefinder, Micro Switch, and Earcap, but expect that those will be ready very soon. We ordered way more hardware than I expect we will ever need, but the way custom hardware prices scale, it makes more sense to just run one huge batch than to order it in small batches if ever needed.

IMG_9073.jpg IMG_9072.jpg IMG_9071.jpg IMG_9070.jpg IMG_9069.jpg

Serialized Coin
We placed the order for the serialized coins a couple weeks ago, and have been working with the supplier on the proof. We approved a proof early last week, and they advised us that they'll be ready in about 3 weeks (So about 2 weeks from now). If for some reason these get held up or the ears kits are ready to ship but awaiting these, we will consider shipping them separately. I don't think that will be an issue, though. Photo of the approved proof below.


That about sums everything up. If you have asked to be put on the wait list (Post #2 in this thread) hoping to grab an extra set, I should have a set for you (Pending QC and prioritization of the pre-order sets). Due to the time and attention running these takes, these are not going to be a regularly stocked product. As far as future runs go, I haven't made a decision whether or not there will be any. Once kits are in the hands of the folks who pre-ordered them and I have a couple weeks to relax, then I'll decide what the future of these look like.

Final inspections are taking place now. Upper ear assemblies are all packed up for shipping, and we have had the supplier pull a few random assemblies for function testing before they are sent our way. We should hopefully have tracking to us any day now.

Hardware is finished and is being mailed out to us today. Serialized set coins are supposed to ship tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and start reaching out to the folks who have expressed interest in the extra sets as we should have enough for you all. I will touch base with each of you individually and see if you would still like your set before providing further instructions.

Serialized coins have arrived! This is one of the proofs. Since these are a high polish finish, I don't want to handle them and get my fingerprints all over the serialized ones :lol:


Waiting List for Extra Sets:
1) Stokeswaddle
2) Whiskey
3) Rafite77 - Committed
4) TK Fett
5) Jimbo - Committed
6) viewoptic - Committed
7) JackNapalm - Committed
8) CanaFett
9) Neo Fett - Committed

If you would like to be added to this list. Comment in the thread and we will get you added.
Hey if there's still room on the waiting list I'd like to commit!
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