Everoak Strap Measurements and reference for anyone who wishes to make replicas

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I'm hoping there is someone out there with the skills and resources to offer replicas of these for the community. I haven't had much luck finding exact matches for all the materials that go into these. Perhaps a lot of it simply isn't made the same anymore. I do think decent replicas can be made anyway with what is readily available. These were hand-made back in the day so variations between sets are common. I'm using my most accurate set of straps here. For those unfamiliar, these were the straps used inside the helmet.


Obviously most of it is cut away. We just need the straps with fasteners that come down along the ears and the chin strap with D-ring.

Here is the basic pattern for the artificial leather material (this image is set to print out at 1:1 scale):


The artificial leather is pretty basic stuff. Not very thick, about 1.5mm. Not sure if its vinyl or polyurethane or something else.


The backside of the artificial leather is covered in a black fabric:



The webbing is quite unique. Haven't found anything quite like it other than on Everoak products, although there is plenty of similar stuff out there. What makes this different is its quite stiff and not soft. Its a very tight weave. IIRC it's nylon:


Here is the backside of the right strap:


Backside of left strap:



I know the temptation here is to get 1/2" for the snap button, or popper, because thats an easy size to find. But that's not the right size. These are slightly bigger. So far, I've not found anyone making this size anymore. So maybe 1/2" will have to be the way to go, though it looks suprisingly smaller than these.

close up of snap button area with stitching pattern:


Chin strap is roughly 11 inches long:



D-ring thickness is 2.5mm. Pretty thin.

Frontside of D-ring on chin strap:


Hopefully that's enough to get somebody started.
Awesome of you to share that info and hopefully someone will be enterprising and offer it. Of course Clothears could bang these out, but it's probably too small a project to price reasonably. I don't have any faux leather or tricot nylon backing (or a sewing machine) but in the past I've picked up some of the basic materials that somewhat match the 20mm/10mm specs...
Since posting this, I've been in touch with a member who has been working on bringing a replica to the community. They have a good set of Everoak straps in hand and plan to reproduce the entire strap system, including chin cup. I don't know a timetable but they've been working on it for some time. Keep a look out for it.
Great to hear! Are they reproducing the entire strap system in the modified version used in Fett helmets? Or the off the shelf system before mods?
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