Definitive Metal Ears for Lineage Helmets - MachineCraft Replicas

he Ears are here and look fantastic! We have one minor bug (literally a bug in Fusion 360) related to one of the pieces of hardware that we are working with our supplier to iron out, and then we will begin shipping! If you are one of the original folks who ordered a set, you can expect a message from us this week asking what type of Earcap you would like (ESB and ESB/SE or All Other).

If you purchased a set of these Ears and did not get to choose which version you liked at checkout or have not already emailed us which version you would like, please check your email! If you don't see anything, check your spam folder as we sent out a single communication but Bcc'd everyone that this applied to. Thank you!

The hardware supplier emailed us last night and advised the corrected hardware piece would be shipped to us before Friday. I will keep you all in the loop once we have shipping confirmation. So close I can taste it!

Good news! The corrected hardware has shipped, and is currently showing an estimated delivery date of Monday. Sometimes we get lucky with this particular courier and packages arrive early. We will keep our fingers crossed that that happens, but either way we should have some Ears sent out before the end of next week!

We have 4 sets currently unspoken for. We have reached out to and given enough time for those who were on the waiting list to buy their reserved set, so we have gone ahead and put up any remaining sets for sale on the web store. Available first come, first serve, and with the option to purchase an correct vintage micro switch in unused condition.

Thanks all!-

Hardware has been received, and we have officially begun shipping! Due to USPS losing several of our packages lately, we're upgrading everyone to UPS, which should be a little more reliable. If/when your set comes in, show 'em off! :)

We have 3 sets remaining on the store for anyone that wants a set.

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