My ultimate Fett helmet, complete at last


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Last fall I decided it was finally time to upgrade from my 1996 Don Post Boba Fett helmet. Although it has great sentimental value, we all know that when it comes to accuracy it's a bit of a joke. Around that same time, I saw this thread, which introduced me to Chris Stallard's work. I was totally blown away. There are a handful of great painters out there—and Chris is absolutely one of them—but what really impressed me was Chris's craftsmanship, his attention to detail, and the consistent praise he received as a collaborator.

So I got in touch with Chris, and the plan was simple: let's make the ultimate Fett helmet. A helmet with total accuracy both inside and out. Some of you reading this are probably wondering why I didn't go with a lineage casting if accuracy was such a priority. The answer is simple: I wanted diegetic accuracy (on the outside). I did not want a casting of the original costume piece with all of the post-production damage from age and mistreatment. Chris's sculpt is incredibly accurate (he owns a lineage casting himself, of course). So that was my focus.

The project really got rolling in December, 2020 and continued for the next 8 months or so. This was Chris's most ambitious Fett commission to date, and I was more than happy to pay a premium and wait longer for all the extra effort. In addition to making the helmet, Chris was kind enough to source the upgrades and vintage parts we were planning to use. Because I'm in the US and he's in the UK, this was a huge bonus that I really appreciated.

The helmet arrived earlier this summer, and it's now the crown jewel of my collection. As some of you may know, when you buy a helmet from Chris, he also photographs the entire build and includes a simple photo book that tells the story of your helmet, from casting to the final layer of paint. It's a really nice touch that puts a beautiful coda on the whole experience.

Throughout the entire process, Chris was a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm and love for Fett, Star Wars, and props in general are palpable, and it was ton a fun just to chat with him and talk shop. I look forward to keeping in touch with Chris... and who knows, there may be more projects in our future, too.

My helmet is an heirloom quality piece that I will treasure forever. Below you'll find some photos and a parts list for those who are curious. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Enjoy!
  • Hand woven fiberglass construction
  • Aluminum ears from RS Props
  • Vintage Joe Brown climbing helmet liner (fitted at an angle); with black webbing, blue hand stitching, and white tie cord
  • Polaroid SX-70 viewfinder lens
  • Casio MQ1 circuit board
  • Pieces of lens material under circuit board
  • Main functional circuit board (for rangefinder lights) with blue on/off switch, correct resistors, and yellow foam with gray duct tape
  • Visor clips and brackets
  • Borden connector glued with Araldite
  • Chin strap fitted with one Bolt and one ear screw; with correct pivot rings
  • Black / brown / red / orange wires
  • Filler added to reenforce potential cracks on original

8BE85881-D672-4947-B211-3667C45CCDA0.JPG 12E72D6F-A310-4764-89D4-CFDF24F61529.JPG DSC_0692.JPG DSC_0700.JPG DSC_0703.JPG DSC_0748.JPG DSC_0715.JPG DSC_0722.JPG DSC_0730.JPG wire 04.jpg

Interior of the original helmet, for reference:
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