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We'll amongst all my Christmas shopping and decorating.
I've decided to dig all my Fett stuff out and see just what I have left to do on my Fett and make a list. Much like my New Years Resolution, rather than a list. Depressing really but we all press on right?!! Right?
So here are some pics of my bucket with a bit more work. Minus my ear cap and RF/Stalk bucket none the less.






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wow you had that just packed away??!
So what other goodies you got packed away with the holiday decorations? :lol:

hellva nice bucket you got there by the way. (y)
Wow Christi, that looks really nice. Can't wait to see pics of the bucket once the ears etc are on. Keep us posted
Thanks guys! I guess it does sound like it was packed away with my Christmas stuff. :lol:
But alas no, I pulled out the big old rubbermaid bin and made a list of stuff to be finished.
So I thought to post some pics, you know share and show.
But I have to get a fire under my :moon to finish this, enough is enough!
With the help of some great people here I hope to get it done at the end of Jan. I was just talking with Lewis about how bad those key holes are, and the unfortunate thing is they came to me that way. :puke

Heres my gauntlets from our own MOW. My ROTJ MOW have settled down in a new home at Petes house :lol:
Jon, I'm working on the ears and the stalk is on its way to me I hope this week.

P.s. Should I change out the black hoses at the back to wire? What do you think??



...dang you better never let me see those bad boys laying around cuz you never know what may have to file a 'missing gauntlet' case :rolleyes

...MS has a new keyhole on the you covered girly girl ;)

Take care
Lewis :cheers

First you amaze us with the bucket and then you bring those gauntlets out, i am green with envy :angry ..... :lol:

the black hose on the gauntlets is a nice touch, i think you should keep them.

I see what you mean about the keyholes, they are not that bad but if you have the time to put them right then bonus. I am just about to alter the keyholes on my scratch built as they are just indentations at the moment, i will post pics soon.

nice work
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