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I started to the browse forums back in 2017 on TDH, I finally started assembling my ESB Boba Fett in July 2023. Part of the delay of starting the build was due to the difficulty of sourcing parts, not knowing who to purchase from, being overwhelmed by the process, and fitting all the pieces from different vendors together, ect. Many of you remember how it used to be back then. Many things have changed in the Boba Fett community and I have found it much easier to find items needed for the build. I started this thread on BobaFettBuilders website and decide to share here as well.

So far here is what I have acquired since July 2023... (This parts list will be updated continuously)

Parts List:

MinuteFett lineage helmet kit (Painted by SuperJedi) Machine Craft Replicas Definitive metal ears with brass borden, Terminal Fettler topper and Casio MQ1 board.

Jetpack: Full commission jetpack made and painted by Darth Vorhees/7CS with Jurassic Fett stencils and all Machine Craft Replicas parts. Jetpack hardware by Full Metal Fett.

Jetpack harness: Bigdane with U.S. Divers replica buckle (need to sew straps for fitment). Tri-glide by Full Metal Fett.

Armor: MinuteFett lineage with larger cod/kidney (not painted). Machine Craft Replicas knee darts, Neo Prop Shop royal key replica armor studs.

Gauntlets: MinuteFett (not painted). Machine Craft Replicas darts, rocket and whipcord cylinder. Original Casio MQ1 keypad, brass dental expander by WastedFett, metal flamer by MinuteFett (waiting for arrival), Alco MPA106D switches.

Chest display: Fett From Hell

Flight suit: Arkady complete flight suit with attached neck seal and flak vest. (Future upgrade to Clothears, waiting for arrival).

Shin Tools: Paterson squeegee and stirrer modern versions, Machine Craft Replicas stylus brush replicas, Jetpack adjustment tool (30mm aluminum pipe piece).

Weapons: Bobamaker Pulce 40 with rubber Nemrod holster (EE3 Webley by Andy Meyers waiting for arrival).

Boots: WastedFett with Machine Craft Replicas toe spikes.

Cape: WW2 half shelter tent replica.

Braids: Currently have a set but would like to source from Woodman in future.

Gloves: Clothears

Ammo Belt: White vinyl ammo belt made by Grue.

Girthbelt: Mohair girth belt sourced from horse supplier.

Found Parts: Original Casio MQ1, Ever Ready mini light.
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Minute Fett lineage helmet painted by NIXFX Props (sold).
I will be dying the girth belt soon, looking for any suggestions/colors that work well and which dye brands people have experience with?...I have heard of some people using Minwax.
Fully painted/weathered Pulce 40 with rubber Nemrod holster should arrive in couple weeks from Bobamaker.
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I have started acquiring New Type Archive X paint while I wait for my helmet and armor to arrive from MinuteFett ...I will only be painting the armor myself and the helmet will be commissioned.

The colors I have acquired so far for the armor are as follows:

Weyerhaeuser green, Grey green, Dark green, Lark dark grey, Engine black, Grimey black, SP armor yellow, Reefer orange, SP lettering gray, Reefer white, DH caboose red. I have been researching alot and I know I have a few colors to order still but I have been debating on a few of those as Ive seen a few different colors added/mixed to get a very similar end result upon reviewing different build threads (for example I have seen many different silvers used for the base coat). If there are any certain colors anyone highly recommends please let me know.

While I wait for my armor, helmet and gauntlets to arrive I am going to begin painting my white vinyl ammo belt from Grue that will be delivered next week. I am currently debating between the three colors below. I am leaning towards the dark brown.

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.27 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.42 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 6.44.55 PM.png
Looking for measurements/locations of chest display cuts and the 3 mirror holes, is there a template for those?

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