Gray on right ear cap?

Eli Jinn

I caught wind a while back about some gray on the back of the right ear on the AoSW helmet. Sure enough, there it is...

Gray on earcap.jpg

Now, at first I thought, "well, that's just some goofy special edition damage, theres stuff like that all over the helmet!"
But then I thought, "but what if it isn't? What if that's something on the ESB helmet as well?" (yes I know they're the same helmet but you get the point)
At first I assumed this would be nearly impossible to prove since when does Boba Fett ever turn his back to the camera?

Well, besides then...
ESB Gray earcap.png

It's pretty clear that the back side of the RF ear cap on the original ESB helmet has some gray sprayed over the tan, or maybe it's just that the tan didn't hit the back of the cap when painting. Pretty neat, but my query isn't with the existence of this gray patch, since it's pretty obvious if you do a little sifting through the media section like I did...
Instead, I'm wondering why nobody seems to acknowledge it? Is it because it seems like an obvious mistake not present on other helmets? No, we all put the white smudge marks on the left side even though that's clearly not intentional... Is it because it's ugly or takes away from the overall look? No, everyone wears the stupid looking jetpack harness with pride even though most of us don't even need to, but that's a rant for another thread... Maybe it's because almighty RafalFett for whatever reason decided not to include this patch on his incredible stencils, and people (myself included) just blindly followed the stencils without a second thought? That seems unlikely, right? Whatever the reason, we should all make an effort to add this gray patch to our RF caps, in the name of accuracy!
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The AoSW helmet looks like the tan didn't fully cover the bare metal ears so if I was going to include this on an ESB helmet that is probably the approach I would take versus spraying gray over the tan. Funny enough, I almost always have to double check that I've got coverage on the back and front side of those ear pieces! Maybe I'm not the only one... :)
Yeah, it looks like the dark grey layer underneath the tan showing through. They probably just did one or two quick coats of the tan colour and didn't worry about coverage being perfect on the sides. It's more pronounced there, but you can see the same thing happening on all of the sides of those earpieces.

It's definitely a detail not everyone replicates on their helmets. As amazing as Rafalfett's stencils are, they aren't going to capture every imperfection and detail on the helmet, like oversprays, uneven coats, misting, washes. etc. Its good that you're studying the photos, because that's how you notice details like this!
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