look at what i got...


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o.k. so i get home from work yesterday and sitting on my door step is this



and just to see what it looks like

man i cant wait to start on this and i have the interior kit as well, sweet. man i cannot say enough good things about marrow sun. thanks a million buddy, you are the man.

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Lookin' good right there! Hey, you gonna start a progress thread on paintin' it? Regardless, I'd like to see how that turns out once it's painted!
thanks guys, jimmy: ill try my best. mandalor: i know what you mean, almost too scared to do anything to it. tubachris:lets just say marrow sun is a great guy. goldenrod: i have no earthly idea, i just told marrow sun i needed a helmet and -tada- there it is.lol

dang looking at the pictures made me realize i need to vacuum more...lol
interior about 85% finished, just a few touch ups and some light weathering then it will be ready to install
this is what ive been working on for the past few nights, the flash took away most of the weathering

and this side

still need to finish the top cap thingamajig then ill start on the helmet itself. im kinda nervous about it, dont want to mess up. ive been laying off the sodas and coffee so hopefully ill have steady hands when its time to start cutting :lol: ill try to post as i go.

I am so jealous. May someday I will get one if they are every offered again. But that's really ..a .great job .
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o.k. no pictures as of yet. cut the visor and key slots out today put the rf on the stalk. gonna putty them and sand tomorrow snap everything on before i sand and prime. too tired to do anything else (got up at 4am, got to work at 445am got off at 430pm) maybe after a nap ill start on the putty, but who am i kidding once i lay down im gonna be out till at least 7 a.m.
got everything slapped together with some bondo. sanded it all down, test fit everything, washed and dried, primed and a few layers of chrome. after that a couple of layers of clear coat. now heres the tragedy i had today. my work table/spray booth is my old grill (not the smartest of choices ive made i know). had my MS3 sitting up there looking pretty, snapped a few shots, nice gust of wind came by and yep you guessed it blew the helmet off. before anybody gets sick let me say that with my cat-like reflexes i was able to catch the helmet before it hit the ground. but i cant say the same for the camera. now for some good news. the camera is still under warranty for another two months (guess i timed it just right). ran the camera right to the shop so they could fix it, should get it back in a few days. so until then i wont have any pictures.

Congratulations on the bucket, man. MS's Helmet interior's rock! By the way, have you attached the 'ears' to the helmet yet? The only reason I'm asking is because the lower RF earpiece is upside down in your first pics.
nah, havent put em on yet, thanks, but that was the only way it would stay on long enough for me to snap a picture. right after it fell. but thanks for the heads up anyways
o.k. so heres where we stand; camera is FUBAR, but i get a replacement,so thats cool. taped up and masked off diffrent parts of my helmet today and slapped on some green. looks much better now than being all chrome (although looking at all that chrome is making me want to do a jango next:lol: ). hopefully ill be able to pick up my new camera tomorrow and snap a few pics before work. i could take a few shots with my phone, but we all know how those turn out:D . might get up a little early tomorrow slap on somemore paint before getting the camera. but we will have to see about that, getting up early is just not my thing.

well i got up a little early and slapped some dk green on the cheeks and then i went to get my new camera. sweet, just like my old one, just a diffrent model. enough about all that on to the pics.

keep in mind its still covered with the masking fluid, tape pulled some off but not much.
the RF with two dummy leds.


not too happy with the way the green on the back turned out. gonna get some lighter green on the way to work today.

the green cap was much lighter but after it dried it looks almost as dark as the cheeks.
still need to weather these and make them look "rustyish"

well this is where i stand as off now. time to get ready for work. hmmm i wonder what the owner would say if i was to work on my helmet in the rear kitchen. ah ill just wait till i get home from work.:lol:

went to the store before work. picked up a lighter green. all i have to do now is retape and remask in a couple of spots oh and repaint. hopefully it will be a brighter green.

well i just got done putting on somemore tape, everything is covered had just enough masking fluid to cover up what the tape pulled off today. hopefully ill be able to slap on some paint in the morning. i think i have another bottle of masking fluid somewhere around here, if so i might start masking off the "teeth" before work. maybe by tuesday ill be able to put down the cans and pick up a brush or two and start making this puppy look well used.
o.k. this is much better

this is the 2nd coat and im happy with the way it turned out. im gonna let it dry while im at work, peel off the tape and retape tonight to paint the red tomorrow (hopefully, gotta work kinda early, not sure if ill have enough time to paint in the morning).
couldnt wait, so i peeled the tape off to see what it would look like


now i must get ready for work, im still thinking about working on my bucket in the back kitchen, if the paint fumes wouldnt float through the whole place i would :lol: i can see it now, sir my chicken has green, red, and sliver flakes all over it. (me) yeah its a new blend of spices, enjoy! of course im only kidding, i wouldnt paint anything at work. but i will cut and glue while im there, did my knees that way(y)
a little over spray here a little underspray there, ill just have to make those my weathering spots :lol: anyways just taped everything up gonna mask it off and paint the red when i wake up (if its early enough). just a little update

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