look at what i got...

o.k. woke up this morning and slapped on some masking fluid (glad i found that other bottle). slapped on a few burst of red, went back about 20 mins. later and finished it up. just peeled off the tape and heres where we stand



after work tonight ill prob. take off all the masking fluid and start with the brushes.enjoy

another small update...peeled all (i think) of the masking fluid off, took me forever i might add. so here we go..




i dont know if ill start with the brushes tonight or not, its already getting late and once i start i prob. wont put it down till im happy (which could be hours):lol: . as always enjoy

no updates yet... about to take a power nap (had to open today, so that means ive been up since 4a.m.) plan on slappin on some greys tonight, might even start to weather it up a bit. its a bit too bright lol. started my vacation today at 3, im off for the next 8 days. ill be working hard on ol'boba
thanks guys. no pictures yet just slapped on some light grey and some dark grey in diffrent areas. i gotta go get some more paints for the earcaps. and hopefully put them on sometime today. the mailman (if it would had been a lady should i call her the femalewoman "maleman"??) had a great package for me today a girth belt and cape (thanks double d). maybe ill lay it all together and snap a quick pic to see what all i have so far.

started on earcaps. need to tweek them just abit before i put them on. thinking of doing the magnet thing in case i ever want to upgrade the rf and stak maybe add a servo. who knows. i didnt work on my helmet at all today. just sat on my fat butt and flipped through the channels and took a nap lol. i have an interview in the a.m. might get some magnets while im out. hopefully ill post pictures soon
went for a job interview this morning and they put me to work right away (mind you im on vacation from my other job :lol: ). same pay much better hours instead of going in at noon at getting off at 930-10 everynight ill go in around 6,7 or 8 and get off by 2or 3 at the very latest ill get off by 4 they said that has only happend twice. now i have to work tomorrow and when i get off im going by my other job to turn in my two weeks notice. no more closing at 10pm on sundays and having to be back at 430am on mondays for me. plus it gives me more "daylight" to work on my fett. something about working on fett after 10 p.m. just dont feel right :lol:. thats just a little update of where i stand as of now. wanted to work on my helmet today but i had other things to take care of first.maybe tomorrow afternoon
got home from work today and started drilling, sanding, slapping on some epoxy, etc etc. o.k. first off let me say i have a bad habit of blowing the dust after sanding, im sure most people do this as well. now dont do what i did, drilled a hole in the earcap part of the helmet, sanded the inside to make it all nice and smooth. without thinking blew the dust, yeah it just followed the curve of the inside of the helmet and found its way to my eyes. thats not the bad part, the bad part is i did it twice :lol: dee dee dee. so far ive put on the long ear cap and the lower earcap on the other side (rightside up affo$ ;) ) no pics as of yet. but soon. kinda want to get the whole thing together first, but right before i weather it.

o.k. slapped on the top inside earcap of the rf this morning after i get back from playing golf ill install the rf. i need to find some small magnets while im out today everywhere ive been has had big ones. the smallest ive seen is like 1/2". if not oh well no big deal. well heres a sample of what ive done so far :lol:
added RF over the weekend, got my visor in the mail today. computer crashed having to use cell phone. more updates as computer comes in. hopefully in a few days
what a beautiful kit, and the interior is gonna look great in there

have fun with it and good luck. it's definately coming along

thanks guys!! no computer yet, it wont get shipped out until the 27th. this one is crashing bad. lost alot of stuff on here, games, programs. had a heck of a time trying to find a way to get onto the internet. i dont know why, but the comp. started crashing and for some reason i didnt take pics of my progress. i guess i thought maybe the camera didnt work. anyways ive got the visor in. started on the interior kit, well one part at a time. but hey theres no rush on this right?
ugh, no progress yet. been going to work between 8-10 am and staying until 1030-11. hopefully ill have something for ya'll thanksgiving day. hopefully ill have another piece of the interior kit installed by then too... who knows.

havent had time at all to do anything to my helmet, not sure when ill get around to work on it. spent all day thanksgiving with my family. i hope i can get some time to at least finish the inteiror kit and maybe throw on some killstripes. id love to have it done by christmas, but i doubt it. all i know is that im dog tired, dont wanna try to work on my helmet when im this tired. i hate to mess it up. hopefully soon ill have some pictures for yall.

i get home fom work and decide to snap off a few pictures of what i got so far...


i have two parts of the interior kit in now, put on the helmet and my nose is smashed to the visor. kinda sucks cause i wanted to have it in there, but its not gonna fit with my noggin in there too :lol: that just means ill have to buy another helmet and set it on the shelf with the interior kit in it.
work sucks...no time to work on my boba...maybe after i get all these new people trained up i can take some time off (at least ONE day). all this week ive been going in around 9a and getting off around 1020p. wouldnt be so bad if i was still hourly, would love that overtime check. ive been working like 90 hours a week so thats like 50 hours overtime a week. dadgum salary. when i was hourly i only got 20 hours overtime a week. oh well the pay increase was worth it. enough babbling back to boba. if (not when) i get some free time im gonna add some kill stripes and weather it up a bit. not sure what im gonna do, maybe a mix of brown wash followed by a black wash with a"toothbrush flick" of sand/tan all around. not too sure. keep in mind im not going for a ESB or ROTJ. im going for how i remember seeing boba as a young kid. anyways i hear the bed calling my name. hopefully ill have some updated pictures in a few weeks for yall

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