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Hey everybody,

My mom took me with her to the hardware store today. Little did she know how excited that made me... ;)

I looked all around the store for Zam stuff, and the only thing I found was the hoses. First (and best) were the hoses that are used for gas grills (outdoor, I *think*). The diameter was a little small (1/2in. was the biggest I saw) but they look GREAT and are only about $10 and 2ft. long. These are stiff and can be put in the exact position you want, unlike vacuum hoses that droop. almost perfect!

The second item I found that might work is aluminum conduit pipe. It's only about .35/ft., depending on the diameter you want. Just paint it black and I think it would look pretty good. Unfortunately, this stuff cannot be bent very far...

just a couple ideas

Ok, hosers, how did anyone find the end connectors and attach them to the vest? I don't have a vest yet, but I need to know how much is going to have to be cut up. Any Ideas? (Yea!, a friend got me a brownish hose, good diameter, not quite the right ribbing, but it works!)
Well the hose I am useing is pretty close to the same size as Sink pipes. so I plan to use on of the plastic sink pipes threades areas and the connector on it for how my hose connects to the vest. But I am planning to do a little changeing to it and make a molded piece because I want all four prongs not the 2 sink pipes get.

Anyone else got better?
I asked kimncris what diameter was good enough so that it would fit into Paul's hose connector...
kimncris wrote:we used the snake light by itself. The black rubber hose that wraps around the snake part is the part that shows on Kims costume. If we ever found a better hose, we were going to wrap it around as you said, but for now- it's just the snake light.

1 1/2 seems a bit big to me, but when Dallas gets back from OZ he may have a better idea of the size. The snake light is about 1" to 1 1/4" I'd say but probably closer to 1"


Just quoting what they said...cause I thought it was informative.
I can't put up a pic right now but I found a hose at a plumbing supply store. It's a drain hose used for washing machines. It's about 1 1/4" dia. and the ribbing is very close. It's gray however. The name on it is "PROPLUS" : Corrugated Universal Fit-All Drain Hose.
Just FYI :D

Hi all,
I have the excellent hose connector Paul made and I'm just wondering what the prevailing wisdom is on attaching the hoses to the connector. Drill a hole into the resin? (ack) attach with glue?
Looking for the best way...any suggestions?
Thanks all,
since we used the snakelight, it has the plastic "snake" inside the hose. We attached a screw to the snake with glue, then drilled a hole in the connector to fit the screwpost. Then I gobbed a ton of hotglue inside the hose, quickly attatched it to the birdie shaped thing, and tipped it upright so that the hotglue would rund down around the inside of the hose and glue to the screw and resin all at once.

cheesy maybe, but it has never come loose in all of the times that Kim has worn it.

So has anyone found a better hose than th snake lite yet? I am still looking but I am pretty sure it is a silcone hose for food industry now, just not sure what one or who makes it yet.
well kids.... i'm back :) and guess what... i FOUND the black hose connectors :D BUT.... i could only bring back 4 of them (2 pairs)... it's late friday night right now and all my fun new info and discoveries is on the laptop.... i'll have to extract it tomorrow and put it all up... big stuff - stay tuned! :)

oh, and the hose... i think it's either metal or at the very least, it has metal (copper) on the outer edges (like one of them hoses where it has a coil of metal embedded in the hose)...
hard to tell by that small pic - but my guess is NO - that won't work unless you heavliy alter it. Again - it's too hard to tell if it even has the 4 nubs and 9 smaller ribs between each nub.

With the one i found - there is a separating piece on the actual item (it's used to reduce the hole size from a 1" to 3/4" hose) that would go behind the vest.

the one you show does not have this, but rather has a huge pipe thing that would have to be cut off or you would have a big ole pipe in yer vest (ouch). I dunno... find a better picture and we'll see :D
Perhaps that part unscrews to get to the O-rings etc. inside. Just a thought. Also, it is difficult to tell about the ridges on that pic.
I saw a brown hose on a BBC Changing Rooms episode that was for pumping water that looked almost exactly like Zam's. Also, gasoline pumps have a similar hose shape, so I'd wager that it is some sort of pressure type hose.

[watto]painted...what da ya know...[/watto]

oh BTW we went with Snakelight because it was hanging on the wall and we were leaving town in about 5 days. Not because it was accurate, but because it was easy!

Well I am pretty sure I have identifyed the hose used. It is a medcial hose used for lung machines and smoke ventalation things. The hose is a clear hose made of vinyl with a hard plastic ciol that refinforces the hose it self. Now that I am sure of the hose I am looking for different manafuctors of it. But if anyone else has a good lead let me know. Once I find my source I will see if I can order enough for a group so we all save some money.
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