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As a very long time lurker (like over a year:rolleyes:) I wanted to share some of the bits and pieces I've been working on since last years really long corona summer break (we were supposed to go to Celebration). I checked the files that are on 3dmon for 3dprinting the parts, but I also really like making things from scratch (if they're sort of straight shapes like bracers and such) and since I had more then enough time I decided that would be the way forward.
I've been gathering and making parts on and off for some time following the many many tutorials and really helpful posts here, so let me start by thanking you all for writing up such detailed guides!

While I've seen two other people who have successfully and very beautifully dyed a scuba knit fabric with Rit Dyemore, I haven't been successful at all. After many attempts, different formulae etc I ended up with five different shades of purple, but none of them dark enough. So it was back to the drawing board on that. A local Garrison member has recently purchased 6 yards of the fabric that came off the run here several years ago and hopefully after she's finished with her soft parts she will have a bit spare, since I'd only need a max of 1.5 meters to fit my pattern pieces with ease. Until then I am trying to find an alternative to use, since dyeing unfortunately wasn't an option.


I had an amazing friend from Australia pick me up the original hose connectors from Pope so I had a pretty good idea about the sizes of the other bits now.


I had purchased some greeblies that had come off this board over a decade ago, but when I finally received them they turned out to be way too small compared to the hose connectors, so I set out to make my own from scratch. Here's a size comparison of the old and the new WiP greeblies;


While it has some minor touch ups to do, I am really happy with how my first master sculpt is coming together. I'm hoping to cast four of these in resin so I have double sided greeblies.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 10.37.21.jpeg

I started on the basic shape of the flakvest based on the many pictures that are posted here as well as the 360 that's on the Blu ray collection. I chose to use an off white leather 1.6mm for it, since most of the parts need to be dyed to match and the back of the vest might need to be wet formed to hold more off a person shape to it. I didn't put in the larger darts yet, since I want to be sure they align nicely with the chest plates and the abdomen armor. This is also the base shape I made from foamed PVC for the chest plates, I used a hard PVC to make the main plates, but in my enthusiasm I often forget to photograph things.


On an off note, wearing this vest makes me feel like an American Football player due to the large shoulder width :lol:

I found a second hand pair of black Prada Vibram boots in a size 36.5, which according to Prada's own sizing guide should fit me fine. A German Garrison member purchased them for me and I'm really happy they fit. I think I will use an off white leather and probably some black (as I have plenty of black pieces left over from other costumes) to copy some of the shoe details that Zam has.


Speaking off, I noticed Zam and Baby Boba share the same shoe style, all of the details are the same and neither of them actually have a zipper;


Anyway I will try to update my random build sporadically as it's quite a complex costume with many parts!
Since the weather has been getting better, my better half and I finally got around to molding my first ever clay sculpted costume piece. Over a few hours we casted four of them so I can have double faced greeblies like the actual costume. They have some small scuffs and mistakes that I will have to remember for the next piece I will sculpt, but I am really happy and amazed we managed to clone my clay sculpt! :D

I managed to get some gluing going, I might want to thin out the center fronts of the chest plates a bit to flatten them some more, but I used a less resilient glue to glue the back sides of the plates. They consist of two plates for both sides; a leather covered frame and a hard pvc (not sintra) plates with Mabari inscriptions. I opted to use white leather for everything (with the exception of suede, since it's awful to dye) so I can get an overall finish similar to the screen used costume.


Awesome job! I just got my second pair of binoculars in the mail to put those together. I found the brass bars for the armatures on Ace Hardware’s site if you’re looking for them.
Ah I am afraid we don't have Ace Hardware here in the Netherlands. I got all the brass from a local model building shop. Just a matter of cutting, bending and assembling them into the right kind of legs for the binoculars, but first we have to assemble the helmet :)
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