2021 Zam Build WIP

In the dressing a gallaxy gallery you can see the gaunts have the wash and in the power of the costumes website you can see some more of it on other parts. Most of the silver if not all had it from what I can tell. The photos from everyones old cameras and the lighting in the areas the costume is displayed in dont help any here. But if you look close you can see the purple wash on most everywhere in some of the close up pics. I had an aha moment when i started noticing it on the less obvious parts.
Thanks! That is helpful.

And just like that…she is complete.
Your costume looks amazing. I looked for you today (We got there about noonish) but sadly, couldn't locate you. Me and my daughter spent a majority of our time on up on the 4th level - just so much cool stuff to see! We did find a bunch of mando's though....
ECCC 2021 - Pic 1.jpg

(The Fett standing next to my daughter is me)

I surprised they didn't make you orange cap your pistol.

They made the Deadpool that I got a photo with orange cap his.
Photo Dec 04, 1 52 12 PM.jpg

But good times overall, definitely going again! And once again thank you for letting me know about this!

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