Zam Wesell costume


New Hunter
Back in 2011 I decided I wanted to make this costume. A long time ago.
After two years of searching I finally found the correct neoprene for this costume.

After that the costume was on hold because of finances (I was a poor student) and because I was unable to find the correct shoes.


Yesterday the shoes in the correct size finally arrived. I will paint them in the correct colour, but I'm already extremely happy I found the black boots.

I do have a question. Does anyone still know what the correct hoses are? I have looked through many old topics, but I cannot seem to find the answer.
I totally forgot I made this topic! I'm currently in the process of printing my Zam Wesell parts.
I also recently bought a MonCal helmet and managed to buy neoprene fabric of the run that was done a few years back! That fabric is better than what I already had, so I'm really happy with that!

First I need to finish my Leia Cloud City costume but I really want to get started on the rest of the Zam costume!

Picking up this build again! I'm very relieved the helmet fits (it's so small). Now to add all the greeblies and find a way to keep the binoculars in place.

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