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Ive recently bought a plum leather vest and some purple leather gloves as a starting point for a Zam build. When i saw this costume displayed in The Power Of Costume exhibit i was blown away! This is definately gonna be a slow build as i try to comission board members to build beautiful pieces and find pieces in shops that will do justice for the fabulous purple bounty hunter. She’ll be in great company, Ive purchased a Jango from the amazing MinuteFett, and am working on an Ahsoka build as well.


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Commissioned a skirt from the awesome Delta13, so excited! Also got these boots, which seem to have the correct sole. My goal is to send these to Gio to see if he can replicate them,just like he did with the Kenneth Cole pit crew boots. Finally, Ive acquired the Bushnell 10x25 binoculars for her helmet
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