2021 Zam Build WIP


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Decade-long lurker, first time poster here. I've been wanting to do a Zam Wesell costume for a long time, but never had the skills or funds to do it. Last month I scored the brown leather Prada boots and finally decided it was time to make this dream come true. Last week I finished making my neoprene pants and shirt. This week I am starting on the lambskin vest and I plan to start making the skirt and cummerbund/belt after that. Cast parts of the armor and greeblies will be on their way shortly. I'll post periodic updates here as I finish the major pieces!

Photos below of the shoes, shirt, and pants. Question for any experienced Zams: should I crop my shirt and use a more breathable fabric for the bottom? Should I insert mesh in the middle for more breathability? I know the shirt/vest combo will get hot very quickly and I'm trying to decide what will work best. I have plenty of extra neoprene if I need to make another shirt. I would love to hear your input!


Great start and fantastic neoprene! I think the shirt should be shorter and have a more breathable black fabric for the bottom part of the shirt. I know there's a reference image of that somewhere where you can see the shirt neoprene part is pretty short.

I made a good bit of progress today with the leather vest! My grommets haven’t arrived yet so the sides are pinned together until they get laced up, but I’m really happy with how this turned out. The overall color will change after I airbrush and weather it, but that won’t be happening until the skirt is done as well. Sewing the leather wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had anticipated.

I picked up my leather today and got all the rectangles for the skirt cut. Punching them tonight and tomorrow, then dyeing over the weekend!
Does anyone here have a guide on how to lace up the skirt? I’ve searched and I keep seeing references to a lacing guide, but the photo links are broken.
You are making such fantastic and fast progress! Makes me so happy to see.

I had saved this lacing guide years ago. I believe it's be Maulmaus on these forums. Hope this helps.


I started lacing everything up yesterday and got 7 columns done. I'm not super thrilled with the color of my lacing, so I think I will go back when it's all done and touch up the lacing that shows on the outside. Other than that, I really like how it's coming together and it has a really fun weight/flexibility to it. The length seems perfect for my height too!
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