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Hi everyone,

My wife and I are working on Zam and Jango costumes. Our Zam is nearing completion. Our crafting skills are limited so we have been working with Two Moons Workshop from Poland. We have a close-to-film accurate skirt, mask, neckerchief, vest and belt.

Our idea for the costume is a slightly simplified and economic version of Zam's costume that contains the most iconic details to be instantly recognizable but spares some of the more intricate details that are harder to craft or source. We are using a lavender lycra catsuit instead of the neoprene and the armor will be made of a EVA foam material. Currently we do not have gauntlets or the shinguards, going with longer leather boots and gloves for the time being. We're making this costume on a shoestring budget, but we may seek to upgrade the costume to more exacting standards later.

Hopefully can share some more photos of our costume soon, the armor and helmet are still underway.

The one thing we are having difficulty with is the helmet. It's one component that we want to get right but are struggling with our novice crafting abilities and limited resources. The best option for us would be to buy a pre-existing helmet or any spare parts related to the helmet construction. We're working off a 3-D print currently and it's not going very well.


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