1. Tomzi

    For Sale ANH Stormtrooper helmet - RS Prop Masters

    Hi everyone ! I sell this ANH Stromtrooper Helmet from RS Prop Masters, fully assembled by RS, with certificate of anthenticity. It was protect from the sun, and only put on display. It's in very good condition. I'll like to sell it 225€ shipping out. Here are the pictures : Let me know...
  2. Panasonicyouth

    For Sale SOLD Black Series Fett Helmet

    SOLD Looking to unload this Fett helmet. Like new condition, includes original box and instructions. Asking $100 . + shipping. (Sorry for the repost, lost my old account info)
  3. SharkForge

    Want to Buy Resin MQ1 circuit board for helmet

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping to find someone who might have a spare resin MQ1 board lying around they'd be willing to sell in the US. It's for a project bucket I am working on! Let me know if you have one! It doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks!
  4. M

    Best visor for helmet?

    I am making a helmet from EVA foam. What is the best visor to use? Am thinking P3261-5 Replacement Visor for Parweld P3266 Browguard Shade 5 Polycarbonate. UK. thoughts?
  5. malloryfett

    Tinting a Black Series Visor

    Hey gang, As I'm sure most of you know, the black series helmet's visor is a bit see-through & it annoys me lol. I've been wanting to do something about it without spending $40 on the replacement I saw on Esty. How can you fix this? Thanks! Mal
  6. JoeVader

    My ESB Boba Fett helmet paint job

    Hey guys! I just received this fantastic kit from ToEleven, and I intend to give it a good, detailed ESB paint job and finish. I want it for display at home, as part of my collection. I'm very comfortable using spray cans to paint, so am wondering if I colud use those on the base colors: like...
  7. N

    Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel helmet

    Does anybody know where I can purchase one of Cruzer’s Jaster Mereel kits? I understand he sold all his molds/ pieces. I wasn’t sure who had the one for this particular one. I need this for my Open Seasons Montross kit.
  8. Auzzy35

    New Bucket Collector

    In search for a Boba bucket to start my very first cosplay! I am looking for the best bang for my buck and what you guys think is the best out there. Looking for guidance as I am new to the cosplay scene. Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.
  9. alex920a

    Mando helmet flashlight with magnet

    Good morning everyone! here's my new Mando helmet flashlight with magnet! (I've modified Darren Pattenden's file for the earcap) Hope you like it :D
  10. RBF

    RBF Mandalorian S1 E1 costume build, scratch build (80%)

    When I saw the Hasbro Fett helmets I loved them right away. I think they are a good value for their price tag and with some work can be made into great props. I wanted to make a Mando diorama with atleast the helmet. Anyways.... half way through modding the white Hasbro bucket I saw they'll be...
  11. LupineSojourner

    I need a Little Help...

    So I'm trying to build a cosplay of a Mandalorian OC I want to bring to Tik Tok. I have a soft PVC (I believe) Mandalorian Helmet I was hoping to shape and paint so I can use it. BUT. I only have a hair dryer currently. I may be about to borrow a heat gun if needed, but my question is this. Are...
  12. Jango Fett Jr

    Jango Fett Jr’s MCR hero helmet - ESB Style

    Hey TDH, it’s been at least a decade since I posted a thread here, but news of the ESB hero helmet castings brought me out of my slumber, and I’m the proud owner of a gorgeous helmet from MachineCraft After many weeks staring at this helmet and running my fingers along all of the paint...
  13. N

    Anybody know cheapest option for fiberglass helmets and jet packs

    Does anybody know anywhere I can get two fiberglass helmets and two jet packs (preferably one set a Jango Fett one) for the cheapest option? I’m doing two different Montross pieces and I’m on a bit of a tight budget (Corona unemployment struggle is real).
  14. Castiel

    ROTJ Hero paints (germany / europe)

    Hey there, I've got my first Bucket from minutefett. It's a ROTJ Hero Cast, and I've never painted something like that ever before. Now I've tried to gather all the information I need, but honestly it's quite hard for me. It seems like the ROTJ hero helmet is quite unpopular, so I wasn't able...
  15. Haloax44

    Polaroid brown vs black

    Hello, I managed to get a hold of a black SX-70 sonar one step, however I noticed many others have been using the brown version of this camera for the rangefinder. Is there any different between the lens? I know the cameras themselves are not identical, they have slight differences aside from...
  16. FamousFett

    Boba Fett ROTJ SE by FamousFett for razzfett

    Back again with another ROTJ SE, this is a commission for razzfett! I started this the other day right after finishing my ROTJ helmet so here is the progress so far. This helmet will have a lot more layering than my previous one so that's exciting! This is a Raw ESB helmet so that means it has...
  17. FamousFett

    ROTJ (ANH SE) Helmet Paint Up By FamousFett

    Just finished up the ROTJ SE but now I'm back in the saddle to try out my first ROTJ paint up! This is a ROTJ helmet made by Minutefett
  18. boba87fett

    The History of Boba Fett's Costumes

    *** Update 8/22/20 - This book has now moved from "The History of the Boba Fett Helmets" to "The History of the Boba Fett Costumes" *** Hi everyone, As some of you already know, I have been working on a photo book detailing the known history of the original Boba Fett helmets. I am hoping to...
  19. FamousFett

    FamousFett's FPH2 ESB Hero paint up

    This is my first helmet paint up, Been working on this for about 5 days now, I was going to post all of the progress when I was finished but I figured I might as well share it now, you can follow my progress on my instagram account too. I dont have the materials to do the stencil method but now...
  20. DR501st

    Black Series Helmet for The 501st?

    I have the Boba Fett Black Series Helmet. After getting it, it has really peaked my interest in joining the 501st Legion. One of the guys for my local Garrison said it wouldn’t be approved out of the box, and to check here and see what advice I could get in what modifications I would need to do...
  21. GahSnow21


    Someone have a pepakura file from Boba Fett Helmet ? P.s With shot in the helmet and the little arrow in the front
  22. RamSkirata

    Boba Fett fiberglass helmet comparison (dimensions, accuracy, weight, lineage, construction)

    Dear Fett Comunity, Out of a recent conversation on here came the idea for a comparison between available Fett fiberglass helmets. Initially only regarding the sturdiness / construction details, but I would be happy if people could add lineage and screen accuracy details, which I unfortunately...
  23. boba87fett

    Elstree Precision Co Ltd Hero Metal Ears Project

    Hi everyone, After the launch of the MFHero helmet, it became evident that we were going to need a new set of metal ears. I reached out to someone with a history of making metal ears for Boba Fett helmets on April 2nd. I wanted to offer something special to the TDH community because of the...
  24. Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet

    Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet

    Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet
  25. Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet front 3

    Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet front 3

    Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet front