Zam Greeblie Sets, Available now. Updated 5/5/15


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again... I have had a couple folks email me and message me regarding the sets. All the info is still the same as it has been listed through this thread. All parts are still offered and I still threw in the brooch piece for free as it does not seem to want to cast perfectly and I cant see charging anyone for it. All other pieces are done as they always have been and the rest of the set is intact and offered. The prices are still the same. 175 in the USA and 200 anywhere else. I actually do have a few sets on hand...first come first served.


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i have had a couple emails from interested parties for a new run. the first post is updated. add your name after this post for the new run and ill add you to the list. sets will have to be made so delivery is for beginning of october. i have to purchase more material for the run. names will be added in the order of response. shipping will be added in order of payment made. payment can be made through my paypal or chase quick pay. all info is listed in the thread.


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Is there a current run of the greeblies for Zam? Looks like one was started back in September. Not sure if you are still waiting to fill the list.


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Also be sure you wash well with soap and wayer to remive release agent before painting and finishing. Paint will not adhear to the plastic without cleaning them!!! There is also trimming required.


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So...when I listed the run for last September, no one contacted me. It appears I have had some interest brewing up for these parts. I am currently in the process of selling a house and moving into a new home which will delay my ability to get a run going, however it will at least allow me time for setting up a new list. I need at least 5 people to make the run available. What I normally do is wait until I get the initial 5...once I get those five spaces filled, I will then make a post requiring payment from those 5. Once I get the payments set, I complete the run and then send them out on a first come first serve basis. That is taken by the first 5 people after this post...Keep an eye out for updates to this specific post to see when we have 5 people ready to go. I will ask for the money when I am ready to do the run. Please do not add your name to this list unless you are prepared to make a payment when I state that I am ready because it could cause a slow up for others who are paying. Also, when payment is sent please include your TDH handle in the comments so I know who you are. The following is the list for the current run...

1. AkaraaDira
2. AkaraaDira (for 2 sets requested)

additional members who also are interested...


Please note that the prices for this run are still set at the regular price and shipping is included for all USA orders, extra shipping costs are needed for international due to increased costs to ship that way. If it is an international order please add an additional 20 dollars to the total.
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can you show a picture of what grebblies are included, please? is the hose connector included?

there is a picture on this thread that shows the parts included. the only part not included now is the brooch due to the mold causing imperfections in the cast. I still make them and toss them in for free due to some work required to fix them if you so desire. its very small imperfections and can be easily fixed but I do not like to charge for them because they are not perfectly cast.
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