warped helmet help *now with pics*



I bought my 2nd hand DP '97 fett helmet some time ago, and had the visor part removed. Apparently due to some time sitting around, it got kinda warped on the bottom and back.

Although a new paint job is in order, I must fix this helmet first, but don't know if I should boil it or heat it with a blower. I believe most of the warping occured due to the fact that the visor was removed, as you may see in the pics.

Should I attach the visor first and then boil it? Will that damage the visor?

I have this big pot which I think could fit the helmet inside. I was thinking about heating some water and maybe putting the helmet inside for a few seconds, but would rather hear your thoughts and suggestions first, specially regarding the visor part.

Here are some pics. Excuse the low res, but they were taken with my phone :facepalm









As you may see, the warp is pretty bad on the right and back side :facepalm


HAIR DRYER!!!!!!!Then some two part epoxy,and fiberglass,Heat with dryer.Use 4 pencils
2 taped to each other.1 ear cap to ear cap.2 t Lens to keyholes. adjust pencils for warp and flare.Tape those in place, and fiber and epoxy.Let it dry.
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Hey Jose im planning to make a base(with wood) to get the same shape from my FG95 to my DP95, i dont know how much difference betewen these two helmet, in the base...but maybe works, i go to do that this weekend, so if you want wait a lil for the template ;)

and BTW damn thats a real warped helmet :facepalm
Your helmet looks like it has been run over by a Truck ... but epoxy and fiberglass can do some miracles. I think it’s important to fiberglass the helmet before you cut out the old visor. The old owner seems to have forgotten this!
I know :(

If I choose the fiberglass route, what's the best way to do it? Bend it back while the fiberglass is still soft? Fix it and then fiberglass the inside?
Heat the helmet with a hair dryer, a heat gun or hot water. When the vinyl is warm, start to give the helmet a better shape. Use gloves! Now when the helmet cooled off, it inclines to take its old shapes again. To prevent this use adhesive strips on the outside of it. Now you use fiberglass and resin or epoxy glue to strengthen the inside of the bucket. Two layers of mats are enough. If you use too much mats, the inside of the helmet tends to be too small for a hard hat liner. Don’t use resin/epoxy in the area of the T ! This area must stay soft when you install the new visor. Now before the resin/epoxy dries, find something to prevent the bucket to take its old shapes (I used a wooden cross). Don’t touch the shapes of the helmet before it’s completely dry!

Personally, I recommend to fiberglass the helmet before you start to cut out the old visor. It’s a lot easier to work on it, but in your case the visor was already cut out.
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