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Hey Guys,

I want to get serious w/ my "costume" this winter break from school.

Please send anything you have regarding material/jumpsuits/etc. my way. I'm looking for a more screen-accurate color. Most everything I see is too purple for my tastes. I would rather go completely maroon & have it be off than completely purple.

I really appreciate the interest & help. Thanks.

:zam -Jacq.
Can you clarify what you're asking?

Information on the materials used (fabrics, leather etc.) can be found on the various threads on this forum. There is one thread which simply lists exactly what everything is.

Regarding screen accurate color... I don't know what you mean by "maroon" as her suit was nothing even remotely close to that color. The lighting used in the scenes she was in was often reddish in color (not to mention too dark to really see the suit!). If you look at the pictures of the Zam costume that boba_fetts posted ( FIDM Exhibit Pics the colors are pretty accurate (the light is a tad dark but not much). Also the Dressing A Galaxy Book has a pretty close color match - though I think it's the hero suit and not the same one as shown at FIDM.
I found a dusky purple lycra from www.denverfabrics.com that seems to match the FIDM and MoM pictures pretty close. It doesn't look like the right texture, but it's a good starter suit til you can afford or find the neoprene.

its always been my philosophy..right or wrong...to go with the color that people expect to see...most of the colors ive seen in the zams, although probably accurate in real lighting...look way too fuscia. In the lighting in the movie and the only time she is seen on screen it takes on a much darker appearance. JMO

and ZIA...thats fine ill just add TDH to my must contantly check list...among the other trillion things i too have goin. ;)

There are 100000's of shades... to say "to go with the color that people expect to see" that's like searching for a needle in a haystack and not knowing which barn the haystack is in. We have already settled on color. Pantone 5135u. It's in the dressing the galaxy book. On screen, it's darker because her shots are done with evening lights. Remember, my lycra changes color with different lighting too. link The lycra is a tint more blueish than the cardboard cut out, but barely noticable. So my color definately isn't more Fushia. It varies from orchid, to lilac to fushia in different lighting because of the sheen of the material. When people are trying to pinpoint a "color" is impossible, unless we had an actual fabric swatch in hand.

well good to hear it looks darker in the darker light settings...in the movie her stuff almost has a burgandy look to it IMO..im not trying to change your color ZIA...just having an opinion...and the haystack really isnt that big...anyone who has seen the movie and has a vision of what they saw. it cant fluctuate that much in color, unless you count the color blind folks in the audience.

Ok, well, we know it's in the purple barn between Red and blue. :lol: But the haystack is HUGE. There are TONS of grades of purple. Yes it can fluctuate that much and I am NOT counting the color blind folks. Have you ever looked at a color pigment gradient chart? NOTHING IS STANDARD. I type up 5135 it's green on one program and another program, it's something else. People in the fabric industry have somewhat of a pantone book, but everyone has their own set of standards. Like Behr paint vs Duron paint. When you add a material like lycra, it's texture causes something totally different to happen. There are different shades, from light to dark (just from light direction) and from red to blue with touches of white or black pigments in the dye. It's a pretty flippin huge haystack. Go google burgundy, lilac, orchid, and fushia swatches you'll see what I mean. Then tell me if your monitor is set to factory settings. :lol: You will see how much it can fluctuate that much in color. Trying to find the color that I already have with several manufacturers and the dying company (the first run), was like trying to describe to a color blind person what purple looks like. Thank Gawd for DCB and how we narrowed it somewhat down in the first place.

very true and in the industry i agree...you cant even get two cans of white that match, but i was talking an average fan that has seen the movie expects a color that resembles what was on screen, even though it is a color that was altered by lighting. in other words if you wear a zam that is too light and too barney purple then a fan may not agree with what he sees, unless of course you spend the whole time hiding in the shadows and hope noone with a flash takes your picture..;)

Avg fan? That's indefinable. Each person isn't avg. I had cataracts up until last year which affects vision hues with a yellowing effect. Each piece of material on her outfit is a different purple shade. We know the suit underneath it's not electric violet, or barney purple, but like I said, huge haystack within even the fushia, lilac, orchid, burgundy color range. Every shot that I have of FIDM from different people and from MOM and production photos range in color. Different cameras, different angles, different lighting, reflections, time periods, different computer output, color corrections. That's not even including the numerous costumes used. Believe me, it's a pretty huge haystack. With the first run, I sent at least 6 swatches to all the people involved so that they could decide on color. Most of them told me "go with what I think, or what DCB thinks because he saw it at MOM" Cause the gradient was different but they couldn't figure it out. Everything seemed too close.Link Hence, I don't know that there was an avg. thinking. And going on your opinion, if most zams that you see are too fushia, then they too~ as avg fans must've believed it was a fushia of some sort~ to go as far as producing a costume with that color.

okay...well in simple terms...all i was illustrating was the actual color of the zam costume...which by the way is what I would want anyway...is way to light compared to what is seen on screen. folks that have only seen the movie and are not so over the top into things as some of us can be would have an imediate reaction of.."if that is supposed to be that bounty hunter from episode 2 then that is the way wrong color"...

like i said...im all for the color choice you have decided on...if i wasnt i wouldnt even request to be on the fabric list...it was just an observation. I know it was my first reaction until i researched things too and know what the color really is.

thanks for all the hard work that you have done on researching this to get it right BTW

I kinda understand you like my color choice but am still confused by your comments.

So that you can compare:
Promo shots Screen shotsThat I found all on one page which makes it a great site.

FIDM zam and MOM zam are the same costume; Even though I chose 5135U, it seemed to have come out darker in comparison to the FIDM Zam pics Maul Maus took. FIDM color vs. First Run Tricot Color
:lol: comparing DCB's MOM shots to the FIDM shots, the coloring looks different!
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Yeah... gripe, gripe ... we're never happy! ;)

We know they had several costumes and I think they had 2 different colors (1 for hero 1 for film) whether they planned that or not, I dunno. I do know that the vest was VERY washed out - while in the promo pics it almost looks darker than the suit.

I still say the reason the costume looks so "fuschia" or even "burgundy" in the film is all the reddish lighting that was used in the scenes she was in - not the color of the suit!

As far as the average fan - well I'll be happy if they don't call me Padme! or Princess Leia! ;)
Hell, I'd settle for power ranger over Zam Weasel. I actually dressed a Beanie Baby ferret in the clothes off the 12 inch Zam just so I could tell people that, no, I was Zam WESELL and THIS was Zam Weasel. *eyeroll* Even hardcore SW fans don't know Zam in a lot of cases. It's one of the reasons I took some liberties with my color scheme... Nobody really knows better anyway, 'cept us. :)
I looked over the dressing the galaxy book - the official color is Lilac-gray. (According to their standards) Oh, and that was used to describe the ENTIRE outfit ~ not just the undersuit.
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well ive decided that i costume for the appreciation of myself and the fans that see me...therefore i will have to reluctantly say..for fear of being acosted and strung up by those that are so hard core on things that IMO its rather silly, that I will be using an alternate method of construction for the suit as well as using colors that i feel represent the image of zam more....will go my own route
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wasnt trying to make it sound like i was insulting anyone...that is just the color i could compare the choice too...sorry i have 6 kids and thats the way i compare the color...I know she is doing a great job, but honestly...

ZIA...thanks, like i said...I appeciate your hard work as im sure others do...but if you put pictures of the first run up against the pictures in the visual dictionary(which IMO is what one expects to see when looking at zam) your color is way too purple/lylac/whatever anyone else wants to call it...all you need to do to get an accurate color is open the VD and take a look...that is much closer than anything ive seen or heard of on TDH

If this makes waves then you all take stuff way to seriously...I have a couple of very decent costumes ive done and take pride in them for my hard work and for myself...if someone else dont like them...no big deal to me... I costume for myself and try to represent the accuracy that i think my costumes stand for...
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Dude, if you’re unhappy with the color fine just keep the personal comments to yourself.
Yvonne is going by the best reference available, The Zam swatch in the Dressing a Galaxy book. It’s the same color as the movie suits. If that’s not good enough for you than good luck on finding something better.
How many times have I repeatedly said there are TONS of zam picture sources out there with different colored lycra, and my lycra color matches the dressing the galaxy swatch-from Trisha Biggar - the Star Wars Costume designer herself. It's not that simple. If it were that simple don't you think that I or the countless others on this Zam board would have done it by now?
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Oh my I feel homestly I need to finnaly come out of the quiet place I have been for over a year or more now. Frankly I am really upset seeing that things have gone from the friendly community we had here back when I was majorly active to new arrivals basically telling those of us that laid the ground work out for reserach and such for the costume. It is one thing to disagree with us, and yes I am one of the major players on picking the color for the body suit, but to insult people for it is just down right rude and showing a lack of maturity. Now if anyone here wishes to pick a bone with what I have said then I welcome you to my personal hell. Trust me you do not want to start argueing the finer details of costuming with me. I have been this a lot longer than most and yes I take my costumeing extreamly seriously as to me I want the absolute best I can present for others to see and appreciate.
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fine example of what i was saying earlier...

wasnt trying to insult anyone..i just dont like the color.....the costumes you guys have made look great...all the greeblies and sculpts are amazing...the construction is first rate and accurate...the color is just not any good IMO.
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never insulted anyones costume...and as far as the DTG book..dont beleive whats in there cause ive had issues with the material that was in the book for anakin...all the books dont have the same material...it may be the only resource but its not a good one IMO...and no..i wasnt just looking at the VD for the first time...do you think i just fell off the truck myself? you have no idea how long ive been involved in SW or costuming for that matter so you cant make a blanket statement like that.

like i said...how many times now....???? the construction and designs that the folks here have put into this costume are fantastic...i never insulted anyones costume either. simply said the shade selected does not match what is seen in the entire movie, nor does it match the promo shots...that is what everyone expects to see...doesnt take anything away from anyones costume or the hard work they put into them...
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FYI you were insulting at least 12 people's color choices and the collective research done on their costume undersuit, because I sent pictures of a swatch to each and every person before they bought it.
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Ahh criminey .... I'm at work all day and this is what I come home to?? :facepalm I really don't want to comment on everything except I hate to see this kind of exchange here on TDH. :(
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OK... that is enough. This back and forth ugliness has passed the point of any usefulness. There is obviously a difference in approaches here. While TDH prides itself on screen accuracy, which is the direction ZIA and most are working towards, there is no rule against making a suit based on the what you feel like the costume "should" look like as opposed to what it actually does look like. Anyone who has been in the prop community for a considerable length of time knows that what we seen on screen is often very different than the actual costume color due to color manipulation, lighting, etc. There is no right or wrong here. It is a personal choice and we need to RESPECT that choice on both sides of the argument. Per the code of conduct:

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Respect fellow members and their opinions. Respect must be extended to each and every member, the administrative staff included. Be polite and courteous to others and keep your messages in good taste.Disagreements are bound to happen. Approach them in a civil manner, with respect to the other person's point of view.Should you feel someone has crossed the line and is being disrespectful to you, contact a member of the administrative staff and allow them to handle the situation.If a member's family, gender, race, national origin, etc. is maliciously involved in an argument, the offending member will face an immediate ban.

Lets move forward in a respectful manner and end the nasty comments.

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