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I've been a Star Wars collector and avid fan since I was very very young! Grew up on the original trilogy and watched them over and over and over over again and still do! However in 1999 my interest had been rekindled like never before when TPM was released in theaters. I saw it 7 times... I know that the prequels get a lot of flack but I love them just as much and in some ways even more. AOTC (Which I saw 8 Times In Theaters) in 2002 is when I became obsessed with collecting replica items. My first major addition was the Original 2002 Master Replica Anakin Skywalker AOTC Force FX Lightsaber.

In November of 2002 I got Star Wars Bounty Hunter on PS2 and Jango Fett very quickly became one of my absolute favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe of all time and still is! If you've never played that game you must!!! Need advice? I am a MASTER...

Now that I have recently purchased a Korbanth 501st approved Jango Jetpack, and already have had Master Replica Westar 34 Jango Fett Blasters (of which are the center of my entire saber collection) plus helmet it's time to go all the way! Jumpsuit, Armor, the whole 9 yards.... Really looking forward to getting to know the great folks at the Dented Helmet! I will be asking tons of questions and looking at all the great custom work you folks do around here.

Thanks For All You Help In Advance!