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  • Art, I was trying to post a few items I have that I will not be using and couldn't, I not new time wise but I guess I haven't hit a certain number of posts? Is there anyway to be able to do this without posting that many times? Thanks for your help I'm in the military and getting ready to move and needed to clean out some gear I'm not going to use.
    Delta (John)
    i don't know who you are but okay
    Quick Question. Is there any way to leave feedback for a TDH seller that I have purchased from?
    Quick question. Given the recent proof the salamanderking has been shown to be recasting other peoples work, does that constitute him being banned?
    Gday brutha, who painted the jP if u can say, its slick and are these join to be released anytime soon.
    Hi Art,

    Thanks for providing a great resource for my Boba ESB build.

    Have you seen any activity from Animefan recently. I sent him payment for a bucket coldcast on March 9 with an expected wait time of 8-10 weeks. Currently it's been approximately 17 weeks since sending payment. I messaged him on July 6 and got no response.

    I've just messaged him again, but am obviously concerned.
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