Superjedi's MF ESB for Viewoptic


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Who's ready for number 73?!
I guess I am. ;)
This is a Minutefett helmet kit with the new ultimate metal ears from Machinecraft. The accessories shown here also include a Terminalfettler RF topper. The owner has a metal Borden and an RF light kit, which he will be installing when he receives the helmet. He's also asked me to leave two sections of the visor area in place. He'll be trimming that and installing the visor as well.
This will be a screen used ESB version. In these pics everything has already been prepped, the helmet has been given a coat of Tamiya primer, and the metal ears have gotten a coat of self-etching primer.
Much more to come!

20240224_155048.jpg 20240224_155003.jpg 20240224_155020.jpg
Let's mess up that nice clean dome! I started with the gray and silver on the back area, also adding some of the very fine scratches. The SE helmet has a lot more. From here I'll work my way around the rest of the dome.

Just in time. That’s my favorite detail on the whole helmet! When I see it I imagine Fett with a raised eyebrow disapproving of some bounty trying to escape or trying to be undersold for services. Anyway yours is as always perfect.
Thanks! "Raised eyebrow"... I like that! :)

This is the turn signal area. We're starting to see the front half of the dome take shape. I'll work on the dent next, and that will help give it the classic ESB look!


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