Superjedi's Viva Fett SE for JD


Sr Hunter
Happy 2024, fellow Fett heads!
What better day to start a new helmet commission than on Fett Friday!
This will be number 72, and it's going to be an SE bucket. The helmet is from Viva Fett and it's his usual great quality. For accessories, we have some really excellent parts.
There's a set of the new ultimate metal ears from Machinecraft, which look terrific! The set also includes a metal Borden. There's also a Terminalfettler RF topper, a JC27 light kit, a real MQ-1 circuit board, and a real Polaroid SX-70 viewfinder. Sweet!
Here's everything as I received it. Much more to come!

20240103_155229.jpg 20240103_155209.jpg

20240103_155155.jpg 20240103_155131.jpg
I did the prep on the helmet earlier, using the usual array of Dremel attachments, small files, sandpaper, dynamite, etc.
Then I gave it a good wash down and threw some primer on a couple of hours ago.

20240106_152612.jpg 20240106_152554.jpg
While I'm waiting for the primer on the helmet to cure up, I prepped and masked the metal MCR ears and gave them a coat of self-etching primer.

Busy day! I got the main colors down on the rear panels. Lots of stenciling and liquid masking for these stages.
Here's the left panel with the shapes refined and the smaller details added. I'll do the same to the right panel next.

I finished the big scrape on the right panel. This area is fun to paint! There's lots of tiny chips and patterns. I'll finish the rest of the panel next.

Not quite yet. Hold your horses! :)

I got the majority of the SE muck done on the left side of the dome.
One of the coolest things about these "lineage" helmets is that since most of the details are preserved in the surface, you can do a lot of these really fine features without first painting on larger landmarks such as the killstripes.
I'll continue working on the dome next.

20240120_111309.jpg 20240120_111249.jpg
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