Superjedi's MCR SE for DH


Sr Hunter
We're baaaack! Starting another helmet commission this week. This will be number 71! It's a beautiful MCR helmet with metal ears and I'll be doing this one as an SE.
Much more to come.

20230913_134142.jpg 20230913_134117.jpg
Didn't have time to work on prepping the helmet itself, so I worked on the metal ears.
I got them scuff sanded, masked, and hit them with some self-etching primer.

Alright, let's get this show on the road! I got the helmet prepped and hit it with Tamiya primer.
Once it's dry I'll start on the back panels.

20230917_071229.jpg 20230917_071201.jpg
I laid down the dark green on the back panels. Here's the left panel after some mechanical weathering and the addition of the SE scratches.
I'll do the same on the right panel next and then I'll start adding the gray and silver damage.

Thanks so much!

Scritchy scratchy! I got the cat scratch area done. Easily one of the most recognizable features of the ESB bucket.

20230925_184009.jpg 20230925_183950.jpg
Today's work includes the turn signal area, plus the start of the SE muck on the left side of the dome. It's fun to replicate all these little scuffs and chips!

20230925_204532.jpg 20230926_045422.jpg
Lots of work over the past couple of days! I got the dent done, plus most of the damage on the left side of the dome.
Since the damage is preserved in the surface of the cast, I'm able to position everything just where it should be. Even all the tiny chips between the killstripes.
Next I'll work on the top area of the dome.

20230930_071224.jpg 20230930_071202.jpg

20230930_071138.jpg 20230930_071114.jpg
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