Superjedi's MF ESB for Viewoptic


The right mandible is all finished! That means all the major painting on the helmet itself is done.
I need to work on the ears and the weathering stages next.

Number 73 is done!
It may look a little odd, but the owner is going to install the visor and MQ-1 circuit board himself.
As always, I had a lot of fun working on this helmet. To recap, this was a Minutefett cast with Machinecraft Replicas "ultimate" metal ears. Everything is top quality!
Here are the final pics. Thanks for following along with the project!

20240407_181504.jpg 20240407_180909.jpg 20240407_181007.jpg

20240407_181418.jpg 20240407_181101.jpg

20240407_181332.jpg 20240407_181249.jpg 20240407_181146.jpg
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