Superjedi's MF ESB for Craig L.

I finished the middle part of the red band. Even though the band is pretty narrow, there's a lot of nice detail in there.

Finished with the upper part of the right mandible. It's one of the most detail heavy portions of the helmet. I'm including a collage showing how I do the detail topically.

20230820_155534.jpg 20230820_155746.jpg
The right mandible is complete!
That finishes the "basic" painting on the helmet. I'll work on the weathering and the ears next.

Here's number 70 all done!
Well, not quite. The owner will be sending a JC27 light kit to install. But it's 99 1/2% done and we can round that up to 100. ;)
Thanks for following along and enjoy the final pics.

20230830_180308.jpg 20230830_175722.jpg 20230830_175819.jpg

20230830_180135.jpg 20230830_180048.jpg 20230830_175948.jpg

20230830_180224.jpg 20230830_175904.jpg
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