Superjedi's MF ESB for TK71321


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Here is the visor installed using the vintage type clips.
I secured the metal parts into the helmet using Milliput epoxy putty. The Milliput is a grayish yellow color so I painted it to try and match the interior color since this helmet came to me with the interior painted.



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Order 66 has been executed!
The helmet is all finished. I installed the lights for a final test, but I'll have to remove the RF stalk for shipping.
To recap, this was a Minutefett helmet kit with metal ears, an Elstree Borden piece, vintage style visor clips, a real MQ-1 circuit board, and a JC27 light kit fit into a Terminalfettler RF topper. Very nice gear indeed!
Thanks for following along with the build! Here are the final pics.

20230206_162918.jpg 20230206_162222.jpg 20230206_162323.jpg
20230206_162715.jpg 20230206_162617.jpg 20230206_162519.jpg
20230206_162813.jpg 20230206_162419.jpg 20230206_163148.jpg


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The pictures don’t do this bucket justice! As good as they are it looks even better in person. Thank you Superjedi! Beyond excited to have this piece of art in my collection.
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