Superjedi's MF ESB for Craig L.


Sr Hunter
Here... we... go! Helmet commission number 70!
This one is a Minutefett helmet kit with metal ears. The owner will also send a metal Borden piece so I'll be drilling out the one that's molded in.

20230713_172418.jpg 20230713_172353.jpg
A couple of stages in this update.
I airbrushed the beige color on the rear panels, then stenciled, masked, and airbrushed the dark green. I have also added the smaller details using my fine liner brush.
Now we're ready for gray and silver!

20230731_052259.jpg 20230731_180747.jpg
Finished with the right panel. That big scrape contains so much detail!
Next I'll mask the rear panels and airbrush the main green on the dome and cheeks.

I finished the detail up on the top of the dome. Lots of stuff happening up there!
Next I'll be adding some killstripes. How many do you think I should do? ;)

20230809_050144.jpg 20230809_050122.jpg
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