Fixing a MCR Hero


Hi I’m Bobert!
This is one of the first times I’ve seen this happen with a fiberglass helmet. It’s a Machine Craft Hero helmet and the mandibles have flared horribly. I’ve been tasked to fix this and the helmet is current being wrapped to being the shape back to normal. I plan on fixing visor permanently once the helmet has regained its shape while still wrapped and left to cure.

Has anyone ever seen this before?


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I think this would happen in a few scenarios.

Fibreglass glue not mixed right and not fully cured.

Being sat on a flat surface in hot temperatures. Not having the visor to help keep the shape would make it warp slowly over time.
I will say, the owner is on the forums, that the helmet never laid on a flat surface and the only time it was in heated conditions was shipping.
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