Superjedi's ROTJ/SE for Viva Fett

The back of the dome is one of my favorite areas to work on. I love all those fine scratches and chips! Being that this cast is derived from the original helmet, everything is exactly where it should be.

20220727_183956.jpg 20220727_183929.jpg
And we've come to the dent! This is my favorite part to work on.
Now that this is finished, I'll start adding all the SE "muck" between the dent and the killstripe area.

20220731_110121.jpg 20220731_110058.jpg
Let's SE things up! Doing all the damage on the left side of the dome takes a lot of patience and precision.
I do it by dumping the helmet in my dryer with a couple of cinder blocks for about 20 minutes. :p

20220731_203026.jpg 20220731_202958.jpg 20220731_202902.jpg
Killstripes! These take some precise masking. The hardest part though is finding 14 more people to freeze in Carbonite every time I do a helmet! :p

20220803_174639.jpg 20220803_174612.jpg 20220803_174551.jpg
I finished the rest of the SE damage that overlaps the killstripes. There are just a couple of small details left to do on the dome, but I'll wait to do those during the weathering stages.

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