Superjedi's ROTJ/SE for Viva Fett


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Let's get back to a helmet!
This will be number 63 painted as ROTJ/SE and it's for Viva Fett. It was cast by him as well.
The kit comes with nicely cast resin ears and RF topper, along with an aluminum stalk.
He did a lot of the prep work, but there are a few other quick things I'll do before I get this bad boy in primer.
Much more to come!

20220716_131315.jpg 20220716_131254.jpg


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I got the main shapes laid in on the back panels. As usual I'll go back with a small brush and refine the edges.
I've switched back to using Winsor and Newton masking fluid for the layered portions. I was using Humbrol Maskol for a while but I like the consistency of the W&N better. Just a personal choice.

20220720_191125.jpg 20220720_191105.jpg


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I like the back panels , the mandibles, the key slots , kill stripes, cat scratch just to name a few. And the fine details, I don’t know how SJ is not cross eyed by now. Just a pleasure to watch these come to life.