Scoob´s finished bucket !!!

Real Scooby

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I just finished my helmet. I installed the visor yesterday. Today I finaly applied the last layer of weathering, the black and brown misting.

I will try to get some daylight pictures tommorrow. Everything is painted topicaly within a month.
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yessir, I'm diggin it 8)

great job Scoob

You guys are making me want to redo the back of mine (oh the nightmares). You nailed it !!

i can't believe that you painted all that topically. That is really amazing.

(y) (y) (y) (y)

i love it
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Man, that's snazzy lookin' :cheers

Hope mine turns out that good! Any way you could post bigger pics directly? When I click on an image I get a "Runtime Error" message and my browser screen closes....
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