General Our Zam Build - gonna get this thing done!


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Is Jabbadashery still open? The links that go there didn't work, and googling brought up similar issues

Jabbadashery is still open (or were a few weeks ago), but they do not have a run going on the fabric. Sirene's link in one of my above comments works to get to their website. I have bought a scuba knit neoprene in white, and dyeing it myself. It's the best option available now. She added me to a "wait" list, but did not sound optimistic that there would be a run done at anytime in the near future. Just not enough demand for the fabric. So, for now, I'm doing my own. What the future holds, who knows. I'm hoping mine turns out amazing and I don't need to hunt any further. Pieces are cut out and awaiting my dyeing session, which I'm opening to do this Sunday.

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Where did you get your helmet from?

I'm still working on the helmet. When I've secured something, I will be sure and let you know!


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Update!! I got my hands on 4 more yards of the scuba knit neoprene, another bottle of the RIT synthetic royal purple, and got to work! Cut out all the pieces from my consignment shop made pattern, mixed up my dye, and performed Zam-magic in my kitchen today...



I followed the instructions on the RIT dye, it says 1 bottle per 2lbs of dry fabric, or double for nylon. I doubled to ensure I got the deep color I was looking for. 1lb9oz of fabric meant I needed roughly 14 oz of dye. My test swabs had given me a ratio of 2parts royal purple to 3/4 part orange, ended up being about 11oz of the purple and 5oz of the orange.

35 minutes of stirring it on the stove, just at boiling point.

Followed with a iced salt bath soak before rinsing.

A perfect match to the thread I had picked out last weekend at Joanns.
As the pieces dried, I ironed to get the wrinkles out. Then sat down this evening and sewed them all up.




I will hem the sleeves and legs, and adjust the neckline as needed when more parts are done. Trial against the skirt, and love the combo!


Very nice! Don't forget the welt seams in the front too. I have to rework my own near the knee, as the person I had paid to do that part (long ago!) made them curved, not angled.


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I ended up just doing inserts for the welt seams for my suit.

My one suggestion with this suit is line it with sweat wicking material. My top is really just sleeves: the vest and chest plate cover the athletic shirt I sewed them to:



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I can't believe out of the pics I took with it on, none from the front. "welt" seams are on the legs. I plan on wearing wicking type pants and shirt under this, although this material is not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be, and I'm in FL. I will be cropping the top, once I have more of the armor pieces and the vest done. My next piece to tackle will be my boots and the veil/hood pieces. Need to stop by Tandy...


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Huge update to post! I finally got my hands on my "hard pieces" ... greeblies, shins, helmet, gauntlets, and most of my blaster pieces.. the works!! A little overwhelming,... but oh my goodness, these pieces are like gold!!

My front set up - chest plates, and the front pieces


hand guard pieces

helmet pieces


holster pieces

most of the blaster pieces -- the barrel didn't make it in the box LOL

toe armor

and gauntlets

I spread it all out, and was a bit overwhelmed... but a few deep breaths and dove right in.
Got the inside of the helmet cleaned out, and it goes on, I can even get my hair in a bun, up inside the helmet! YAY!!

I got the chest armor pieces cleaned up, covered in 2/3 ounce leather, and cut out some thin ABS for the insert part

Got all the rest of the cast pieces cleaned up

Shoe guards cut out of thick ABS

and got the recessed notches started. Ordered some new files from Amazon today to get the squared off ends that I need

Got the "writing" transferred over and cut out of the chest plate

And a coat of silver paint

Covering the shins with the leather.. not fun!

But I personally think they turned out amazing!

Got the leather cuff covered, not terrible, especially after doing the shin


Got the leather pieces glued onto the boots

I ordered more leather dye for all of these pieces - local Tandy was out of the purple that I need, so Amazon to the rescue. It will be here on Wednesday, along with my new files.

I plan on taking the 2/3 ounce leather that I covered the chest armor with, and working with it for the cummerbund. I think it's going to work well, just got to figure out how to sew that part, and find the hooks that I need. Joann's trip this week for those hooks, (and whatever I need inside that thing), and paint for the greeblies...

SO EXCITED!!! But, any feedback is more than appreciated!!


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OMG! You're making a really good work.

I found so interesting how you covered the cuff. I'm working with this piece right now and I don't know where the leather join is! Your join is at the back?


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OMG! You're making a really good work.

I found so interesting how you covered the cuff. I'm working with this piece right now and I don't know where the leather join is! Your join is at the back?
Mirval - there is a small ridge/line on my cuff, so I used that as my seam point.

That's gonna be amazing! I'll keep watching... what'a'ya gonna do for her Blaster?
I have the blaster pieces, and will probably be doing assembly on that this weekend.

I got most of the leather pieces dyed today... some will probably get additional coats, but, it's a start. I will try to upload those pics tonight.