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I started my first Boba costume with a card helmet, which is on hold while I get more vapid gratifaction from making the ROTJ blaster. Everything about this costume is going to be cheap, not having a great choice of materials or tools.

I used a 1993 Konami light gun £3.99 ($6.approx.) as a base and I made the new barrel out of 2" black tubing £1.50.


The rest - all the details - are card and polyfilla apart from the butt which is MDF and the scope which is wooden dowel, marker pen lids and paper. Copious amounts of super glue and sanding has made it all rather study.


I still need to add the details to the butt but I'm not rushing that.


Its been painted using acrylic which I found very durable and useful on past projects.


I made some slight changes to the guns design - some were intentional, others unavoidable. But everything is more or less where it should be and its overall size is correct - working from plans and measures in found here.


Just another scratch built ROTJ-Blaster.

Thanks to WOF for his awesome templates/blueprints(y)

First picture is with flash, the second without flash.
The blaster still needs a little bit of weathering.





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I've been searching on how to do a Scratch budget ESB EE-3 Build. I like how Daxceon used the Konami base, but anyone know how he attached the stock connector to the pistol grip?