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My first attempt at uploading photos to TDH.... I'm new to TDH, although I've been reading the posts since September 2004 and building a Fett costume. I'll have the gloves done (the last piece of the puzzle) done in a day or two.

Attached is are two photos of my home made blaster.
Construction is:
Rifle butt: scrap chunk of 2x6 pine
Pistol piece: scrap piece of 1x6 pine
Barrel: 2 inch dia PVC, 14 inches long
Barrel cooling fins: 1/4 square, ripped from 1/4 aircraft plywood
scope: 5/8" dowel rod
"metal connection" between the butt and the pistol handle: 1/4 aircraft ply
Painted in flat black, little bit of grey primer, and silver paint for damage.

Total cost: $6 for paint, everything else was in my scrap bin in the garage
Total time to build: about three hours, including waiting for the paint to dry.

Sure, it's no Webley... but I think it does the job well enough.
-GhostRider 505




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hello, this are the pictures of my scratch took me a month to built it, and I think it look very nice..........what you think?
it`s made with a western rifle(the scope and the Rifle butt) a western pistol(the trigger) pvc pipes(various sizes), wood, acrilic plastic, and putty......the weapons parts are cheap toys(2 and 3 € each) and the rest its common scratch........THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM WAS THE PAINT!!!!!
to make it believable is weighted with hard putty in the inside.....
hope you find usefull...........

EE-3 carabine1.JPG

EE-3 carabine3.JPG
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Migrate from As You Wish said:
mykull, I just spent a couple of months working on mine so I will see what I can come up with as far as a tutorial. It is definetly a project that can be accomplished but be prepaired to put in a lot of hours to make it look like the real thing. You will also need a variety of tools. I used a lathe, drill press, belt sander, hand sander, hand saw, router and a ton of elbow greese.

Here are some pics:
very nice....look better than my resin ee3
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pgh that blaster is sweet. I am preparing to try and build one. I have an old 1851 Navy colt replica that is beat and worn. I think it will be a good base. Will have to keep reading all these nice techniques to get me started.


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Hey everyone,
I found some pics from when I was putting my ROTJ blaster together. As I got close to getting it finished, I forgot to take pics :facepalm ...sorry. I took the pics of it done today. It's been done for a while now. I know the front scope mount is in the wrong spot, but other than that.......what do you think ?

Edit: Crap, the pics are out of order. :eek:












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PSB, what toy gun did you use for the body of your blaster? It looks great! I'd like to pick one of those up.




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I got the toy gun from the local costume shop. It was just a plain old six shooter, "Lone Ranger" style. The scope is a daisy brand from walmart,the orange tip is a funnel,the inner barrel is copper water pipe,the main barrel is 2" o.d. pvc, the fins are 3 mil. sintra, 1/4" glued to 1/2", the stock is 4 pieces of 5 mil sintra glued together, shaped and sanded,made the "grebblies" from stuff I had laying around. The piece between the gun and stock is alluminum. I think I have about $16.00 in the whole gun including the paint.



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Darth Mule said:
What did you make the piece that covers the chamber out of?
I made a template out of paper, traced it onto 3 mil. sintra, then used a plumbers BLOWTORCH to heat it up and shaped it by hand. Be careful, I had to get it extra hot.
Thanks for the kind words :)

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Darth Mule

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It's a good bet he does, since he just took a pic of it.. But something to think about is that his template was made to fit the gun he used. Your gun may be different. Look at the pic and compare it to your gun, and go from there.


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Darth Mule is right,
I do still have it, but you kinda need to just "Wing it" for the gun you have as a base. Look at the pics of the "Real Deal" and go for it. To cut down on waist, use paper for a template as I did . :)


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Hello, sort of new here still and I'm planning on doing a scratch built blaster to save some cash since the rest of my costume is going to be really expensive stuff from some members on here and elsewhere.

I think I have the basic idea of how I'm going to make the gun as I've build guns and props before, my one question though is this, does anyone have the exact dimmensions of the gun ie: how long the barrel is, how long the stock is, the connectors to the stock. That would be much appreciated. Thanks! btw all your blasters look great hope mine can live up to them.



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Thanks a lot I should have known he'd have blaster plans as well since I've already printed his JP ones. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction...I dont know why but the search never yields the proper results for me...anyway thanks again.