Looking to have a suit built!!


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Would like to buy a ESB suit preferably 501st willing to pay. Just looking for quotes and do not have time to build or paint any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!


If you want everything in one go, Boba Maker is generally your only option these days. And you will need to wait for a very long time. His work is great though.

For a faster timeline you will need to source everything from anywhere from 10-20 different makers and assemble it yourself. This is what I did, and I also wasn’t up for painting or anything like that. Take a look at my build thread and others and you’ll get the idea pretty quickly.

That said, even if everything is “done,” this costume requires a lot of tweaking and finishing and adjustment, depending on your body. So expect to have some work to do either way if you want it to look “right”.

Expect to spend $5000+.

Good luck, and welcome to the hunt!


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There aren't making vendors that sell full build ups anymore. If you're looking for an entire built kit prepare to wait 9-12 months at a minimum and get ready to spend $5-10K.

The two vendors that I've seen be able to pull off full builds with the highest quality are:
1) Boba Maker
2) Wasted Fett


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jedisushi and BudaFett are correct! It took me a year to get mine put together, and even now I find myself continually tweaking and upgrading it. I went with Boba Maker (amongst many other vendors) and as they both mention, I have invested $5000 so far into it. Much of the assembly and paint work was done myself which saved both time and cost. A fully assembled painted and weathered kit I suspect will run $8k-$10k easily.

It’s a ride, but once you see that light at the end of the tunnel. Is so awesome to see the fruits of your labor!

Best of luck!