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Oh I’ve been there already! Though luckily I didn’t find any or it’s yet another part of this build where I could’ve spent some serious money
Ya in the past couple of months between me and another member on here whose armor I’m painting up we’ve gotten about 36 vintage floquil paints lol the paint is worth more than both suits of armor combined hahaha
Anyone have any suggestions for RF servos that ship to The U.K? I had messaged Fettinator on Facebook before I took this huge break but he never responded and his page has gone now.
Right ear is almost done. Just need to do the black arch. I also need to do the black lines on the upper ear but struggling to think of how.

The raw aluminium will need etching primer for the paint to adhere but I don’t see how I can do that just for the black stripes. I guess stencil but they seem way too intricate and small for that to work.

Any ideas? Is there a go-to source for decals people use?


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So, I’m ready to call the right ear finished. I’m hugely proud of how the stripes on the upper part and the ‘decal’ on the lower part came out.

In the end, I painstakingly masked out the shapes by hand with what felt like microscopic bits of masking tape and then I used the masking fluid to block out the worn sections.

Hit both shapes with etch primer and then Matt black.


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With the ears done, and still not wanting to face the rest of the helmet, I thought I’d make a start on my SideWinder EE-3. I plan to follow this excellent build thread but realised I’d need some milliput for a start, so while I wait for that to arrive I bit the bullet and got the helmet out of the cupboard. This is where I was at 8 months ago:






It was t as dusty as I’d expected it to be but there was dust. I wasn’t sure how best to wipe it down without disturbing the maskol and I was very confused about what stage I was at and whether or not I’d finished the grey damage. I also realised I’d painted the kill stripes damage just above the headband in silver when it actually isn’t.

Anyway, all these things and the fact that I just feel I could do better overall led me to the difficult decision to start again on the dome. Sandpaper and acetone at the ready, here I go. See you soon (ish) …
Ok, back to square one:





Some positives and negatives to take from this.

A downside is that all that lovely surface damage has effectively been filled so it won’t show up after this, however - I was concerned that it’ll be a nightmare to line the stencils up and make sure they match perfectly with the physical damage. When they inevitably don’t, it’d drive me crazy.
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not much to update at the moment, got the base grey on the dome and the damage marked out and masked. I was all ready to lay the silver down and then discovered my tin of #11 had gone clumpy so I’m awaiting a re-up on silver 11.
How does everyone tackle this section on the silver damage layer?


On the original, that's where the masking tape was pulled off right? So, I know on TF's thread HERE he leaves it until the end and uses a heavily diluted white to get that faded green colour, however - the fact that it's on the silver damage stencil implies there is silver underneath so, do most people still include it in the silver layer and paint over it at the end?
Quick update on masking the silver damage areas:


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Think I’m done with masking the silver damage areas.

Included the kill stripes so I could nail the placement of the damage on that side. Obviously they won’t be masked at this point though, it’s just for alignment purposes. I’ll go back and do the finer grey detail within the silver damage once the grey layer is on.


Majority of the scratches missing from the back. I did toy with the idea of trying to mask them but ultimately decided to scratch/paint them in later.



My grey #79 turned up this morning so I was able to get the next layer sprayed on.


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Just finished drawing the grey damage on. It’s always a nightmare on the grey as it’s REALLY tough to see the pencil marks except for when the light catches it. I won’t post pictures because I doubt you’ll see much on camera and it’s not particularly exciting anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll see about painting in any grey damage within the silver areas that I missed although I have a super fine 18/0 brush on the way so I may forge on and come back to that once it arrives. I ordered it last week and I don’t know why but for some reason it isn’t due to be delivered until the 27th. Hey ho.

It’s hard to get the placement right on the dome because of the curvature but I made sure to be absolutely meticulous with the silver damage. This makes the grey easier because you know you can trust the silver damage areas when you align the grey on top of them. I’m glad this is the last layer for this area though, save for the kill stripes. I’m hoping marking them out when I did the silver damage on that side will pay off when it comes to aligning them correctly. I’m not looking forward to the next area though…The dreaded mandibles…

BUT - on my last helmet, the proportions were so far out of whack, I had to skew and distort the mandible templates beyond all recognition which made it extremely hard to get the damage drawn. With a much more accurate helmet this time around, I’m hoping it’ll be easier. We’ll see.
I haven’t disappeared again…

I’ve been masking the grey damage on the dome and taking my time doing so. I probably could’ve pushed and finished it today but the only area left is the masking tape damage along the left side under the kill stripes and I want to take my time there since it’s so intricate.

I also placed an order with MinuteFett for my armour which should arrive in 6-8 weeks. I think I’ll get the green on the dome either tomorrow or at some point over the weekend.
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