esb helmet

  1. roger12RAMJET

    For Sale ToEleven ESB Helmet Archive-X Paint

    For sale is my recently finished ToEleven ESB helmet. Painted with Archive-X enamels apart from the silver and the white primer. Visor clips from Sidewinder. £550 plus shipping.
  2. craigjohn

    For Sale MDF ESB Fett

    I really don't want to do this, but have to.... For Sale - Malone-Day Fett cast ESB Fett helmet for sale. Are there better casts? Sure. There always is. Is there a better paint job than this? Absolutely not. The detail on this helmet is beautifully detailed. Words really can't do it justice...
  3. WedgeOrgana66

    moving right along

    Almost done with first assembly! The screws that came with my kit for the right ear cap to fit onto are too long so i couldnt attach right away. I heard that some use a magnet to attach the right ear cap, so i think ill do that. Also curious if i should wait to attach my visor until after...
  4. B

    Boba Fett ESB

    I just finished the paint up of this. I'm aware of minor deviations, but it was painted using Rafal Fett paint stencils. Just need to install a lens. I painted this for a collector. They weren't going for approval or anything, however, other than minor paint tweaks, would this pass for basic...