esb helmet

  1. Short4ATrooper

    Minutefett ESB Restored paint up

    Just received my MinuteFett ESB helmet. Lovely kit, I went for the metal ears too. this’ll be my second paint job and will form part of my ESB build so will be looking for 501 clearance. My first one was on a 3D printed helmet in prep for this one and you can see that HERE.
  2. Short4ATrooper

    The right Humbrol for the dome & cheeks?

    I’m curious… Terminal Fettler’s superb “One Last ESB paint job” thread lists Humbrol green #78 in the updated colours list at the start of the thread, which is what I used here: However, it was pointed out to me that it’s not right and since looking, I have to agree that it doesn’t look...
  3. Short4ATrooper

    Just how inaccurate is this helmet?

    Picked this 3D printed helmet up from Etsy, relatively cheap for a practice run ahead of my Bobamaker ESB lid on order. I’m just wondering if someone who knows what to look for can tell me how inaccurate this one is? I’m sure it’s not right but I’m curious how much. I know Raf’s templates need...
  4. Deancfh

    ESB Left Ear Color Possibility

    Hello All, This is my first post here and I am excited to be a part of this community which has helped me so much. I recently purchased the Archive X ESB set which does not include the left ear color. Through research, I think I found a potential substitute for which I would like feedback. The...
  5. WedgeOrgana66

    moving right along

    Almost done with first assembly! The screws that came with my kit for the right ear cap to fit onto are too long so i couldnt attach right away. I heard that some use a magnet to attach the right ear cap, so i think ill do that. Also curious if i should wait to attach my visor until after...
  6. B

    Boba Fett ESB

    I just finished the paint up of this. I'm aware of minor deviations, but it was painted using Rafal Fett paint stencils. Just need to install a lens. I painted this for a collector. They weren't going for approval or anything, however, other than minor paint tweaks, would this pass for basic...