Archive X Acrylics ESB (SE) Helmet paint prep


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Hi Fettheads,
I was doing an inventory on my paint before I get started painting. I was cataloging what I have to get ready for color testing. I suddenly realized I have no "bright silver" for the damage areas. So what is readily available (preferably acrylic) that I can use that will "play nice" with the AXA paints I have already?
What's everyone using out there?

Thanks in advance,
I've used the Archive-X acrylics in conjunction with several other brands of acrylics like Tamiya, Vallejo, and the old Testors Model Master and never had any issues.
Since I still have a limited amount of Floquil Bright Silver I've never really tested other silvers though.
I ended up buying some Vallejo metal color acrylic formulated for airbrushing that got good reviews for spraying and brushing. So we’ll see I guess.
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