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Something I'm having trouble finding is a list of which Archive-X paints to use for the armour. I actually want to repaint some figures and statues, but at some point I'll need to redo my own stuff as well as it's getting a bit scratched. Mine was done using various Model Master mixes which I can't easily get hold of anymore, so at some point I'll have to find new paints.

The Archive-X page says on things like the Weyerhausen Green and GN Grey Green that they're "confirmed armour colours" but not where. Misting and weathering notwithstanding, which would be the greens to use for the armour plates, the jetpack, and the gauntlets?

I'd really appreciate some input.
it's not really known what greens were used're just gonna have to experiment based on the visual references everyone else uses, it's really up to the individual painting
There are some great ESB paintjobs on the AX Facebook group, and based on a few that I’ve liked my plan is to go with something like the following. I take no credit and this isn’t definitive.

Left chest, abdomen, and cod/kidney: Silver > SP Armor Yellow > Weyerhaeuser Green.

Right chest, diamond, collar, back: Silver > SP Lark DK Grey > Weyerhaeuser Green

The different undercoats changes the tone of the green, not to mention the misting on top of everything.

Knees & shoulders: Silver > SP Armor Yellow.
Some pieces misted with some Reefer Orange, possibly Rust and/or Roof Brown

Jetpack and Gauntlets: I found Grey Green to be too dark, so I’ll probably mix it with LT Green and White as I’ve seen other do.

I too am curious about how some colours are “confirmed”, but as with all of these paints they are a starting point. The real art of it is how you mix and layer and mist them.
ESB is a mixture of tons of paints as Joe just kept mixing things and misting things until he liked how it looked. The 'confirmed' colors are probably colors that were used, but could have been used as base coats or in a mixture.

I just finished this up with AX. Center diamond and collar are almost straight Weyerhaeuser, some SP Lark Dark. Ab and left chest are Weyerhaeuser and SP Lark Dark mixed. Right chest is Weyerhaeuser and SP Lark Dark mixed with more SP Lark Dark than everything else and then everything gets more misting of SP Lark Dark & SP Lark Light. Yellow is reefer yellow. Gray damage on collar and right chest are, you guessed it, SP Lark Dark.

Then the shoulders and knees are a mixture of reefer orange, reefer yellow, mud, and armor yellow. The left shoulder is mostly mud and reefer yellow with misting of SP Lark Light.

The knees and right shoulder are various mixtures of Armor Yellow, Reefer Orange, and Reefer Yellow. Misting done with Roof Brown and SP Lark Dark.


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Excellent, thank you very much. I'm going to give these a go, and maybe I'll end up redoing my own as well. Excellent work, btw.

Paints ordered. :)
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Excellent, thank you very much. I'm going to give these a go, and maybe I'll end up redoing my own as well. Excellent work, btw.

Paints ordered. :)
You won't be sorry using the ArchiveX paints. Aside from being great representations of the original colors mixed and used, the quality of the paint is terrific for both airbrush and brush work.
You won't be sorry using the ArchiveX paints. Aside from being great representations of the original colors mixed and used, the quality of the paint is terrific for both airbrush and brush work.

I already have some, this is all Archive-X. :)

I have been thinking about repainting my armour plates so this is partly an experiment before that.
Love the paint job!
Did you use AX paints for the Feather stencil work? What type of blue?
I will be ordering these paints as well.
The feather is Tamiya Flat Blue, Flat Red, and Flat White. Just what I had. I might have darkened the blue a tiny bit.

The paints themselves are great. If you're doing a whole armour set, get two bottles of the Weyerhauser Green.
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Thanks for the info. I have all those Tamiya paints.
I will be doing the whole armor. I've had it stored away for about 2 years now and the only thing holding me back is I'm afraid to paint everything and then be told by an GML that the yellow shoulder is "too yellow / not yellow enough". I've read that on a few build submissions and it drives me batty.
I want to get as close to the appropriate colors right off the bat.

Anyways, I'm joining the AX FB page and will look at some builds there.
If they bark about that, adjust the hue on your photo...

I followed the list above, so left chest, ab plate, cod piece, and kidney, all primer, silver, SP Armour Yellow, Weyerhauser Green, misted with SP Lark Dark and Light Grey. Ab gets a slight yellow spray on the left side as is visible.

Right chest, center diamond, collar, back plate, all primer, silver, SP Lark Dark, (plus SP Lark Light for the bit on the right chest), Weyerhauser Green, misted the same as the other bits except for the center diamond which DOESN'T get misted. It keeps it darker but it still needs the Lark Dark Grey underneath. I misted most of the armour before I did the emblem, and then a smidge of the Dark Lark on it.

I repainted this Koto Boba, that's SP Armour Yellow on the shoulder which looks pretty good. So I think it's silver, Lark Light Grey, Armour Yellow, misted with Lark Light.


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That's what I figured I would do.
That Boba looks really good.

Did you use their brand specific thinner? Or would Tamiya do? I make my own thinner using Iso alcohol, distilled water, plus flow improver and retarder.
Thanks, full armour repaint, including knees, shoulders, and the helmet. I figured it would look better. :) All the same colours as my full size.

The AX thinner is really good and very good value for money tbh. Definitely cheaper than Tamiya. If you get the big bottle you'll have plenty. I went through one and a half small bottles.

Very nice job, especially for a figure.

just putting the shopping list together as I may get some paints for SW models I have. Can't wait to see what the shipping will be...:(

I appreciate all the help.
Just taking the leap to start my ESB Boba. Everything has been in boxes for almost 2 years.
I have about 95% of the parts. I think I just need gloves and waiting on braids and girth belt. Maybe one tool?

Just making that leap into painting is a big deal...
I'll PM ya if I need help with the paint.
Don't know if anyone's following the thread, but I had to repair one of my jetpack nozzles as some of the paint had come off. Definitely the Grey Green, some Light Green, and some Reefer White. Matched perfectly, if one assumes that the Model Master mixes are somewhat correct. I couldn't tell you the proportions as I just brush painted it on and mixed the paint to match what was there.
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