ROTJ:SE Paint Up


New Hunter
I recently bought a raw cast Minutefett bucket and I commissioned a friend (@fettfromhell on IG) to paint it up as an SE lid. We’ve been experimenting with the light green color and we think we got a good tone. Laid it down tonight and I think it looks fantastic.


While the green is Archive X, we will be using Floquil for the kill stripes. We tested to make sure we liked the back kill stripe color over the green we mixed. Here’s a sample:


I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s going to be amazing. My buddy Dean does some great work!

I’ll keep this thread updated for anyone who wants to follow along the process!


New Hunter
Kill stripe time. Dean’s using the impressions on the MF raw cast to guide where to mask. Next up is masking fluid and then laying on some Floquil!